Sunday, October 13, 2013

B!asta, 22769 and Halloween outfits.

Morning Readers,
Let me wish you a great Sunday today with lots of smiles and happiness.
And let me start today with B!asta, a store with some great outfits. If you haven't been there yet, you should! They have an awesome subscribo gift at the store and they also have 2 lucky boards! The Subscribo gift is shown below.
And I am also showing you one of B!asta's new releases, just because I love retro styles dresses. This dress is called Revival and there are matching socks available too (NOT free). The cute booties are Celia boots by Baby Monkey. They come with a hud and they are colour change (NOT free, but very affordable).
Then I found out that 22769 is participating in the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival Fair. This fair runs for 1 month, till October 31st and 22769 has a gatcha there with awesome dresses called Helice. The Helice Dress is available in 8 common colours and three rare colours. I am showing you one of the rare colours.
22769 also has a gatcha with great corsets, called Lydia. The Lydia Leather Corset comes in 10 common colours and three rare colours. It can be worn with pants (or skirt) or without, like I am wearing it. The red one is one of the rare colours. At the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival ladies! Try your luck!
The elegant pearls are by Lazuri. They have a free set on Marketplace, but the longer necklaces are not free (300 L$, but they are colour change).
Over to some finds for Halloween! I found this very cute Halloween outfit on Marketplace and this set is by Sexy Mamas. It is called Paper Bag Halloween outfit and it is free!
The next outfit is by Ora Trei designs and you can find it on Marketplace for 1 L$. The shoes are included.
Then I found a lovely dress by Moulliez. It is called Spider dress and it is free! Ohhh this dress won´t scare anyone, I feel so elegant in it!
My next find is a very cute tee shirt by SS. It actually says it is for guys, but there is a female version included too. It is free and fun to wear, especially if you get those fun pumpkin earrings by JMW to wear them with this shirt. There is also a tongue piercing/emoter with a hud included. The earrings are free.
And what would we be on Halloween if we didn't have a witch outfit too? Well this one is by Evldva and it is free! Including the fun hat and jewellery.
Another great witch outfit is this one by Shelby Zabaleta and it is called Pretty lady Glenda. This lovely outfit is free.
My last find is this spider outfit, which is by VIPS Creations. It is free, but somehow it doesn't look like the picture on the Marketplace is red and it looks way different... I double checked, the RED one is what you get :)
It is nice to wear but I really would get rid of the shoes.