Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sascha's Designs, WoW skins, Lazuri, and some hunting to do...

Happy Saturday Readers,
Today I am going to start with Sascha's Designs as they change their half price gown offer and their 60 L$ offers each Friday! So here goes: Their newest half price gown offer is the lovely Temptation gown in Cognac. This gown has many great skirt options, 2 lovely shawls and even a cocktail dress is included. You can wear it sexy with cleavage or with a more modest top with long sleeves. 300 L$ for all that is shown below, which is a steal But only for ONE week ladies!
The lovely jewellery is the Kaya 2 set by Lazuri, which is 50% discounted for the time being (549 L$ for all items), which I blogged HERE.
And the newest 60 L$ offers at Sascha's Designs: a great black mesh dress called Royal Skull, perfect for Halloween. Or a fun set of pants and a top called Joan, or a lovely gown called Simsalebim in champagne. Each just 60 L$ ladies.
The lovely jewellery is the Kaya 1 set by Lazuri (949 L$ for all items, which I blogged HERE).
Over to WoW skins. Ahhh they have an awesome new skin....this lovely skin is called AmyLee and it comes in 4 Skin Tones, Cleavage option, 6 Different make ups to choose from, Freckles option, Eyebrows shaper, Shape copy and modify included in each skin, Loud mouth applier, Lola tango mesh breast and lush mesh breast appliers, Slink feet and hands appliers, and Luck Inc mesh phat azz applier. Demo is available at the store. It is just a gorgeous skin ladies, I am wearing it on my blog today, the #4 make up option with cleavage.
The parted lips ate by Step Inside and you can find them on Marketplace for 59 L$. You get 4 different versions.
The next dress is a hunt gift at B!asta. This is a gift in the "You've been tangoed" Halloween hunt - going from Oct 14th to Nov 3rd. So go find that hunt item and get this great dress !
Another hunt item is this elegant set by BlackLace. This is the gift in the Trick or Treat hunt and you are looking for a black cat with an orange hat.
And as the days get colder, I just found this great set on Marketplace. This lovely outfit is by Fantazi and you get a great dress which you can wear as a sweater too, and warm winter boots. Free.