Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Friday !

OK I couldn't think up a better title today Readers! I am still having major PC problems so I hope I will get my blog finished before my PC thinks he should shut Windows down again.
So I am quickly going to start with the newest offers at Sascha's Designs. There is a lovely new weekly half price gown, called Envy in purple. This gown has many skirt options, a shawl, lovely shoulder pieces, and the colour is to die for! The whole package shown below is just 300 L$ this week only!
I am wearing a gorgeous new skin with this gown and this skin is by WoW skins. It is an exclusive for the Candy Fair which started today! The skin is called Donna and I am wearing the TAN version with  -YES - a freckle layer which is also by WoW skins ! And I am wearing lovely Coral Candy lip-gloss with this skin, which is also available at the Candy Fair. The skins are NOT free!
And the elegant jewellery is the Delia set by Lazuri (NOT free, but you can change the colour of the stones, pearls, metal and center stones and adjust the set to all your outfits).
Sascha's Designs also has 2 great new 60 L$ offers. A great black dress, called Beatrijs. It is a lovely dress which can be worn with or without the collar piece! I styled this dress with the newest group gift by Lazuri (joining the group is free). You get the turquoise version of the Saffi set for free! And if you are in the group you can buy the complete Saffi set in all colours for just 299 L$.
The other 60 L$ offer at Sascha's Designs is a lovely gown called Aurora in mauve. The Saffi set by Lazuri goes also great with this gown!
And then I went to House of Storm. This market with a lot of stalls is new and nothing there is over 100 L$ and there are some awesome offers there!
Let me show you what I found there!
This lovely pink gown is by Black & white Design and you can find it at House of Storm for FREE! But please look around, the offers by Black & White Design are awesome and just 90 L$ each.
The next outfit I found at House of Storm is by CoCo. They have this great couple Passion pose on offer for just 90 L$.
And CNZ has 2 gifts at their stall at House of Storm, a great Poop dress and a great Poop tee-shirt. And yes, that is poop on the front...
The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri and it is their Tres Chic set.
Another offer at House of Storm is this great necklace by [Randagi]. The necklace is called Keeper of the Crystal and it is 50 L$. Comes in many colours.
NS has a lovely dress at Siria's Fashion room ladies and this dress is just 70 L$. Siria's fashion room has the same concept as House of Storm or the Designer Circle: They work in rounds and for a limited time there are some awesome offers by great designers. So it is worth to hop over there and take a look around!!