Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just an elegant blog...

Readers, today I am into gowns and jewellery. Enough with the Halloween stuff, I will blog more later. Enough with the Marketplace finds, today just elegance and sophistication on my blog :)
Let me start with the 4th Birthday of Chop Zuey. CONGRATULATIONS Chop Zuey and thank you for all the lovely gifts you gave out to celebrate this birthday with you!
There are gifts for group members, and there are gifts for non group there is something for everyone. The enrolment fee for the Chop Zuey group is 350 L$, not cheap but you get great group gifts!

The birthday cake brooch and earrings and the male Enigma bracelet are for non group members, the rest is for those who are in the group.
Now if you are wondering what to wear with this lovely jewellery: hop over to the closing sale at Bliss. Their prices are low, but there are also a lot of free gowns for group members (joining is free). You can find the Halloween free gown in the special Halloween department of Bliss.
With these gowns I am wearing the Delia set by Lazuri (NOT free).
Then I went to Finesmith and they had some awesome group gifts I didn't pick up yet...maybe you have them already, but for me they are new :)
And Virtual Impressions also has a new group gift for their members, a great watch. The jewellery set is the former group gift.
Last but not least: Blondie teleported me to WTG because they have 2 lucky boards! And YaY there was an R and I got this elegant Fall Necklace for free!