Friday, October 11, 2013

B!asta, Baah and Halloween

Hello readers,
Well B!asta and Baah have nothing to do with Halloween. I just took a stroll along Marketplace to find some awesome Halloween offers, and then B!asta had this great offer of perfect shirts for fall! The shirts are called Knock Knock double tees and they are 50 L$ for ONE week. So hurry over to B!asta and grab them. They come with a colour change hud and there are 9 colours in this hud.
Baah! has a great gift at their store, a lovely skin called Koko. No group needed, it is just a gift. Thank you Baah!
Over to Marketplace and Halloween. I found quite a few outfits in Marketplace, some older, some more recent. I am just showing you all, so you can take your pick!
This first outfit is by BRII and it is called Gift Cave special. I juts LOVE it...cute mesh dress, including shoes and make up for 1 L$ ladies. This one is not to miss!

Then I got this sexy little outfit including the stocking by D&G. It is called Nightmare in orange and it is free. The cute little ballet flats in Halloween style will show up a few time son my blog. They are by Crazy Pastry and they are free.
The next outfit is by EC Creations and it is called Shona. This outfit is free and you get 2 different tops with it!
Over to some Halloween costumes. There are plenty to find on Marketplace, like this sexy witch one. It is by EC Creations and it is 1 L$. But the shoes, broom and hat are included, so are the spider tattoos. Just a great witch costume!
To wear with this outfit the Halloween booties in purple by Peachie Keen are just perfect. These booties are 1 L$ and I love the little bone at the zipper!
My next find is this red devil latex suit which is by Helena Ellsemere and which is 1 L$. The wings are included. Is it scary enough for you?
And this great costume is by Venus Flytrap and it is just a fun Halloween costume for free! A male version is included. The cute booties are also included.
Then I found this very scary MESH tee-shirt by Guarded Cross. It is free, and it is so much fun to wear!
My last find for today is a special outfit. It is by MM Designs and it is called Winter Witch. You not only get the lovely dress, which I am showing you on my regular avatar, but you also get a complete avatar, skin, shape, eyes, hair and all! 1 L$ for this complete make over ladies!!