Monday, October 14, 2013

Are you ready for Halloween?

Morning readers.
Today I found a lot of great outfits and hair to wear on Halloween. Most is from Marketplace, but the hair is by Tameless hair. They released a whole RANGE of blood soaked hair. Each of these hair do's comes in 4 (blonde) colours. I am showing you the different colours of a few hairs, but they all come in these hair tones. And each package is 199 L$.
I have linked the NAMES of the hairs to the free DEMO versions on Marketplace.
The skin and shape I am wearing today is the lovely Donna skin & shape by WoW skins (NOT free, but a GREAT skin)


My next finds are all from Marketplace ladies, and this first one is by Kizarma and it is called Clarissa Halloween gift. This outfit is totally free. The boots are included.
And this cute tank is by Corvus and it is also totally free. Fun to wear with your jeans! The orange shirt I am wearing under this tank is from the outfit above. The jeans I am wearing are by Blackburns and they are also free (you get a black and a blue pair).
Then I found a great dress to go trick or treating in. This lovely dress is by Dressed by Lexi and it is 1 L$ on Marketplace. The lovely flats are by Crazy Pastry and they are free. And the trick or treat basket is by Maiworks and it is also free!

The last find for today is this great outfit by Intimate you. It is 1 L$ on Marketplace. Stockings and shoes are included.