Saturday, July 13, 2013

The HAIR FAIR has started and some more Designer Circle #58

Hi there readers,
First of all I wish you a great weekend with lots of sunshine.
Second of all: The HAIR FAIR 2013 started!! As you may know, this year, a portion of the proceeds from every style goes to Wigs for Kids.

This Hair Fair started today and it runs for 2 weeks, till July 28th , so don't wait too long to hop over and take a look. Take off all your attachments before you go (AO, hair, jewellery, shoes, poofers) and wear low prim clothes, yes, the old style ones, like simple leggings and a simple tee shirt, to avoid lag. Because, believe me, it will be crowded there!

And then head to ChiChickie hair for example. They have these great new hair styles on the HAIR FAIR 2013 and they are so much fun to wear! I am showing you just a few hair tones, but all the ChiChickie hair is colour change (either with a hud or by touch) and you can change the hair into many many tones. The hair band with the DeeDee hair is also colour and texture change.
All styles include PETITE (1/3 - 1/4 sized avatar) versions. They are marked "Little Chickies".
The hair is NOT free, but very affordable. Prices: $200 for a 4 color pack,  $749L for a Smart Buy Pack (fatpack). 
The lovely earrings and necklace I am wearing on my blog today are from the Tres Chic set by Lazuri (not free).
Or if you are into Medieval styles or role playing the hair by Enigma Hair is perfect for you. They also have many hair tones (not showing you all) and they also are on the HAIR FAIR 2013. The hair is NOT free, but very affordable.
The elegant tan gown (mesh) is by Ikshu on Marketplace. It says DEMO but it's not, it is a complete gown. And free.
The elegant blue gowns is by Creative Chaos, also on Marketplace and it is free too.
Over to The Designer Circle. As you all know nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and a lot of great Second Life Designers offer one or more of their great designs there for this low price. Like Pink Cherry. They have these lovely Hot Chica dresses on offer at the Designer Circle for just 80 L$ each!
The fun hair is by Miss C, and also available at the Designer Circle. This hair comes in a fatpack of colours and it is 100 L$. The name? Xenia II.
And Pink Cherry also has 2 great Pearl jewellery sets at the Designer Circle on offer for just 70 L$ each! They are great to wear with all your lovely outfits! You get the necklace and the earrings together as a set.
The next outfit is by Baboom. They have this elegant top and pants on offer at the Designer Circle. The top and pants come a s a set and it is 100L$. The colour is a lovely golden shade of brown and it goes well with every skin tone!
Last one for today are the elegant dresses Abia Capalini has on offer at the Designer Circle. The dresses are called Doreen and they are available at the Designer Circle in 2 lovely colours. I love the beading on the dresses, the pearls really make the dress soooo elegant! And believe it or not, each dress is just 65 L$.