Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Designer Circle #58 ends soon and some lucky boards gifts

Hello dear readers,
The Designer Circle #58 ends on July 20th so you don't have much time left to pick up those great offers a lot of designers have there. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and there is a huge variety of offers.
Like this great gown by HollyHood. This gown is called Love & HipHop and I styled it with the fun hair by Miss C, called Xenia II which is also available at the Designer Circle for 100 L$. You get a fat pack with all colours. The necklace is by Pure Poison (look below).
The HollyHood gown is available for 99 L$ and there is a pair of matching shoes also for 99 L$.
Showing you the necklace, which is actually a collar, once more. You can get a silver or a gold version at the Designer Circle and it is by Pure Poison. The collars are on offer for 99 L$ each.
The lovely earrings I am wearing are by Modern Couture and you can get a pack of 3 lovely ones with stones (Hadara) for 100 L$ or a pair of beautiful gold ones (Mina), also for 100 L$. You can find them all at the Designer Circle.
Then I got this great set by Eyelure. You get a sexy cropped top and a pair of skinny jeans which show of your bum sooooo good :) The top and pants are each 99 L$ at the Designer Circle ladies. The lovely jewellery I am wearing is by Twishee and their shop closed but you can still find them on Marketplace. However the bracelets are no longer available there.
Another designer that is participating in the Designer Circle is GraffitiWear. I love their design and this one is an awesome one again! This lace top and mesh pants set is on offer for just 99 L$ and there is also a back tattoo available which matches the outfit for 50 L$ (not shown).
Blink2Wink has some great fun summer outfits on offer at the Designer Circle ladies. They come in 4 sweet colours and they are just fun to wear this summer! Each set is 99 L$.
Then I had some fun with the offer Kennedy's has at the Designer Circle. They have this cute Anxious dress with a colour change hud on offer for just 100 L$ BUT...you can change the dress in every colour you like! Soft pastels, hot neon colours, doesn't matter. I had so much fun playing around with the colours...look below!
The elegant jewellery I am wearing with these dresses is by Lazuri and it is called Shaina Fresh water Pearl set. This set is also colour change by touch so you can adjust it to every outfit you are wearing.
I always love the poses Co*Motion has on offer at the Designer Circle. Poses don't come cheap, but you can get this Charming Creature set of 5 great poses for just 100 L$ at the Designer Circle. That is 20 per pose...cheap ladies!
Last one from the Designer Circle for today is the elegant beach gown Coco Sands has on offer at the Designer Circle. It is on offer for just 75 L$ and a bathing suit is included too! WOW...off to the beach ladies...(the tote bag with Vogue magazine and an Ipad inside is a group gift by CoCo Design, and the jewellery is by Lazuri, it is the Eda set)
Then I clicked a few Midnight Mania boards and I found some lucky boards too ladies. How about this great gown which is from the lucky chairs at Kastle Rock? Their chairs and Midnight Mania boards change often and there are also 4 mini mania boards. GROUP is needed though.
And Sassy has this great dress inside their Midnight Mania board, so hop over, get all your friends in and click away...The lovely jewellery is again the Eda set by Lazuri. By the way: there are also 4 lucky chairs next to the Midnight Mania board...but I wasn't that lucky....
Last one for today are the lucky boards and the Midnight Mania board at Psycho Clothes. They have plenty lucky boards, a question mark board and a midnight mania board with a low target. The Skater girl outfit is from the Midnight Mania board, the rest from the lucky boards.