Monday, July 8, 2013

Don't you love those little summer dresses?

Hi readers,
Today a blog with all the cute little summer dresses I could find. I think I got most from Marketplace, if you keep reading you will see. When it is hot I just like to wear a simple fun little dress, nothing too fancy and my hair blowing in the summer breeze. Something like this cute green dress, which is called Lady Cupcake dress in green. It is by Diva Portilo and it is free on Marketplace.
The lovely bangles and earrings are a former gift by Lazuri, the lovely 3 strand necklace is still available at the store for free.
The hair I am wearing on my blog today:
The lovely wind blown hair is called Virginie and it is by Truth, I got it in their last sale. (not free)
The cute Bob line I am wearing is by Tameless hair and it is called Ronnie (not free).
And the sweet side up do is called Violetta and it is by Exile. (not free)
The next dress is by Der Moni. I just fell for this sexy dress, and as it is mesh you would expect an alpha layer in the folder too. But no...there is no alpha layer and that is why the back looks way different than the front!! So even though it is free.....I would not advise to get it ladies....or use an alpha layer for shorts, that might work.
 Then I got another cute red dress. I just love polka dots and this dress has them all over! This sweet polka dotted dress is by Tempted Tattoos and it is free on Marketplace.
Another cutie I thought was this red dress by Curious Kitties. However I was so tired... I didn´t look right. It is a Valentine dress, but it is a cute one!
Over to another very cute MESH dress. This one also has dots all over it and it is fun to wear. This dress is by Frozen Nights and it is called sweet dotted dress!
The next dress is also a MESH one and it is by Simplicity. It is called Strawberry mesh and you get 2 great versions of this dress, with or without the flowers. 1 L$ is what you have to pay for these dresses ladies.
Want more?  Sure...I found more... like this dress by Gifts Home, which is called Flower Rose dress. A sweet pink dress for those hot summer days.
The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri and it is called Precious Diamonds set.
Did you celebrate Mothers day? Well OBD celebrated it with this lovely dress with hat, jewellery AND shoes! You can get it for free on marketplace, maybe not for your mother but for you to wear?
And this cute dress is by Mikan02 Magic and it is called Doreen dress. It comes with the cute hat, or is it a bow? The colour is perfect for summer parties ladies!
The next dress is a simple cute one, and this one is by Pinkie, called lil flower baby blue dress. You can find it on Marketplace for free.
And this one is also a blue dress...a sweet baby doll dress by Topaz Square. It is called Berry sweet blue and there is also a PINK version available at Topaz Square. Both dresses are free.