Thursday, July 11, 2013

Some skins, some shapes and some Japanese hunting.

Dear readers,
Today I am going to show you some shapes you can find at the Designer Circle, and also a skin, shape and make up from the lucky boards at WoW Skins. And I was at a Japanese Sim where a hunt is going on and where you can find many lucky let me start with the Designer Circle.
At the Designer Circle a lot of great Second Life Designers offer one or more of their designs for 100 L$ or less. Like Surrogates. They have this lovely Zoey shape on offer at the Designer Circle for just 100 L$.
The skin I am wearing with these shapes is my regular skin by Unique Megastores, called Wendy, make up version 06. (not free)
Another designer that has a shape on offer at the Designer Circle is Anna shapes. They have this lovely Nanda shape on offer for just 80 L$.
Last one: Coco Sands. They have a lovely Goldie shape on offer for 75 L$ at the Designer Circle.
Then I went to WoW skins because they have changed their lucky boards again! They are group boards, and joining the group is 200 L$...BUT...there is a gift each month and there is a huge box with all previous group skins available too! And of course you can click the Midnight Mania boards and the lucky boards as a group member.  This time I got the lovely Hilary skin (the pale one) from one lucky board, heavy eyeliner from another lucky board, the Laura shape and the Laura dark skin (including teeth option and 2 cleavage options).

A while ago I visited the Kiyomizu shopping mall sim. There are plenty little shops with lots of Lucky boards. And there is a hunt going on, till July 15th. You are looking for a Ninja cat, some are in the little shops, some are in the main stores (links to these stores are available).
This is the board from the hunt:
And these skins & shapes are from the lucky boards on the Kiyomizu Sim at QT Honey. Just stand there and wait...letters of the 5 lucky boards change every 5 minutes. This is the Kathleen skin & shape, including 2 kinds of eyes.

And this is the Mary skins & shape.
There are also a few tattoos to find on the Kiyomizu sim. This one is from the lucky boards.
And this one is the gift in the Cat hunt at Tsukikabe. The cat isn't hard to find, it is a very small shop :)
Then I went to Et Tu on this sim and I got this great pair of bags with a fun cat as a gift at their store. You can wear them left or right.
And if you are wondering where I got that lovely purple flower dress? Well that is the gift in the Cat Hunt at Omerta. The shops are very small...the cat is easy to find.
To wear with this dress you could try to find the Cat at [[Roki]]. They give you these lovely nails with tattoos as a gift hidden in the cat.
And this lovely baby doll with slippers and curlers is hidden inside the cat at Milky way. Just go find it and the dress is yours :)
Another great shop to visit is Sens. They have 4 lucky boards and some awesome freebies at their little store. I was so lucky to win these cute Dungarees, and the flower dress is a freebie at their store. All on the Kiyomizu sim. The cute black & white flower skirt is the gift in the CAT hunt by Sens. I styled the skirt with a Milou top by Sascha's design and with the lovely Queen of Hearts jewellery set by Lazuri (on sale for just 150 L$).
The last one for today is this fun Hawaii shirt, which is a gift at Nano Style on the Kiyomizu sim. You have to find that darn Cat first though to get this shirt...