Monday, July 1, 2013

Bikini's and summer skins

Good morning readers,
Today just 2 stores to visit...but there are so much goodies to find there. Bikini's and skins, what more do you need for summer!
Several of my friends told me about Devicous. Thank you all for letting me know about the great gift MWAHHH. Devicious has a huge pack filled with every thinkable bikini at their store as a gift. While I was unpacking and trying them on I was stunned, there are so many that it is very hard to chose which one is the perfect one to wear. Just look below ladies, all these bikini's are free.
1.Free string bikini's.
2. Free thong bikini's
3. Free ring bikini's.
4. Free String bikini's Fashionista.
5. Free Monokini's.
6. Free fresh breeze bikini's including sandals.
Then I went to the lucky boards at WoW skins. They are group lucky boards and joining is 200 L$ but you get a huge pack with all previous monthly gift skins, you get a skin each month for free, and they have plenty lucky boards with great skins. Don't forget the Midnight Mania boards too! The skins change often, so when you are there, there might be different ones to get. But believe me, they are all great and simply perfect. With some skins a shape is included, I am showing you the shapes too. One skin has teeth included, another one a freckles layer.
The lovely jewellery is the Josephine set by Lazuri. This set is colour change, so you can change the metal and all the different gems. Not cheap, but totally worth it, it is a perfect match to all your outfits or skins.
The first skins are from the Midnight Mania Boards.

The rest of these skins are from the lucky boards.
 OK one more...from the lucky boards at The Lost I got this lovely Kami skin.