Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sascha's Design, Designer Circle #58, the HAIR FAIR 2013 and the Mini Mania boards by Kastle Rock

Hello readers,
Quite a lot to blog today so I won't do the chitchat and just start.
Sascha's Design has each week three new 60 L$ offers and they have one of their best selling gowns 50% discounted for just a week. The lovely 60 L$ offers for this week are a beautiful Murmu gown in black and blush, a fun short blue dress, called Ra-Ra or a lovely mesh cocktail dress called Julia.
The lovely jewellery is the Tres Chic set by Lazuri. (not free).
And the 50% discounted gown this week is the lovely Roodvosje in silver. Yes you read that right...this gown is named after me...and who doesn't want a real Roodvosje inside their inventory? This week available for just 275 L$.
Over to The Designer Circle #58...I still had this great dress in my inventory, which is on offer at the Designer Circle by Sassy. The dress is called Milan dress and you can get it for just 95 L$. Mind me, this round runs till July 20th so don't wait too long to go over there !
The lovely jewellery is the Tres Chic set by Lazuri (not free).
Then I went back to the Hair Fair 2013. PLEASE if you go there, take off all your scripted items like shoes, hair, jewellery, Lola Tango's clothes that are scripted and AOs. Just to avoid lag for yourself and for others.
I was at ChiChickie yesterday and forgot to blog their GIFT at the Hair Fair. You get this great set of Iris hair for free! WOW what a great gift!
Then I went to Tameless Hair on the Hair Fair. They have so many new releases there that it is very hard to chose which one you like best!
Each hairstyle comes in 3 color packs: Naturals with all 16 natural colors, Fantasy with 16 fantasy colors and the new Fades pack with 16 Ombre and tipped textures.  Each color pack is $250.  The Mega Pack with all colors are $499L.
And on the Hair Fair you can find this Anya hair: (I am not showing you all colours and all tones..)
Or this fun Dusty hair.
Or this beautiful Eudora hair.
Or this Peony ponytail, which I love very much.
Or this elegant Silvia hairdo!
Last one for today are the great gifts I got from the Mini Mania boards at Kastle Rock. The pants & top and a lovely bikini. The boards change often so you might find something else on them.
They also have some awesome gifts inside their lucky chairs, and they have some Midnight Mania boards too. Some boards are group though.

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