Thursday, July 4, 2013

Let's talk about tights, stockings, socks and lingerie

Hello readers, good morning!
This morning I was putting on my clothes and started thinking about how easy it is in SL. You just click on an outfit and you are wearing it! Sometimes I wish it would happen in real life that way too! Anyway, I tend to forget that we have stockings, tights and socks in Second life too! So this blog will be all about those items. And a bit of lingerie is added too.
Plausible Bodies has some lovely stockings/tights/knee highs for free and they are colour change too, so you actually have enough to wear with all your outfits! You can find them in their MARKETPLACE store but also in their inworld store. It is a good idea to go there as they have some awesome clothes there too! And most are "pay as you like", or what you think is fair.
Plausible Bodies also has some awesome white stockings on Marketplace, with little bows on the backside.
Then I found some awesome stockings, tights and knee high socks at Hot Stuff. They are not free, but you get a whole range of lovely colours! Look below!
The stockings are 99 L$ per pack of 3 (tights, stockings and knee highs). But there is a wearable demo in green available for free.
The cute flats are by HOC Industries and they come with a texture change hud so you get a lot of options for just 175 L$.

The next stockings are by LindaB and you get the sheer stockings ranging from very light to deep black for free on MARKETPLACE. The stockings are called LindaLine. The cute top is free at The Thrift shop. It is by Somnia.
If you like elegance, the Blackburns stockings are perfect for you. They are free on Marketplace and they are colourable too, so you can adjust them to your outfits.
I found some more lace stockings on Marketplace. These are called Saloon Girl stockings and they are by Overland Trail.
Or you can go for the fun stockings by Goodstuff. They come in fun colours and they just made me smile.
Ame Socks also has some great socks on Marketplace. You get these not-really-socks socks for free.
If you are more a knee high socks girl Edge Grafica has some awesome socks for you. You can find them on Marketplace for free.

Over to something else. I found this great lingerie set on Marketplace and it is by Lali's. It is called Lali's gift for all and it includes nipple lace, panties, gloves and stockings. Free.
The next set is also by Lali's and this one is called Femme Fatale. You get this lovely undies set including the stockings.
Then I looked for some more nice underwear or lingerie. How about this set by Passion Design group? it is called Blacklace mon amour and it is totally free on Marketplace.
And the last visit for today Aida's on Marketplace. They have 3 sets of lingerie on offer there....all free. The first one is called Casual sheer underwear black.
The next one is called Strapped metal golden string which I am wearing with their pink & black dotted sheer bustier.
The last one for today is again by Aida's and this one is called Violet satin lace bra set.