Friday, July 5, 2013

Some awesome 60 L$ offers, some freebies and some not free items

Dear readers,
Today again one of my blogs with a little bit of everything. I found great 60 L$ offers, I found awesome new hair, I found some great gifts by designers. So let me quickly start and put all of these goodies on my blog.
Let me start with the lovely weekly gown Sascha's Design has put up on offer. Each week one of their best selling gowns is marked down 50% and this week it is the lovely Trust in peach. This gown will make heads turn ladies, when you walk into a club or ballroom. Just 275 L$ this week only and as you can see you get many options how to wear it.
The lovely jewellery I am wearing with this gown is the Avenue spring pastel set by Lazuri (not free).
Then Sascha's Design has 3 great 60 L$ offers each week. This week a lovely blue (mesh) blouse called Momo. And a lovely red blouse called Blossom. And last but not least a perfect purple gown called Eugenia. Each just 60 L$....
I am wearing lovely jewellery by Lazuri with these outfits, this set is called EDA (not free).
If you are wondering why I turned brunette all of a sudden: this lovely Brunette classic up do is by Bizarre hair and it is a gift at their store in Sascha's mall. Totally free!
Another shop that is in Sascha's mall and has a lovely gift is Jadelina Jewellery. They have this diamond set (necklace and earrings) for free if you are a Sascha group member.
As you can see I am wearing a lot of Lazuri jewellery on my blog. I simply like their style (very detailed and very well made) and I like it that the sets are colour change. Which means you can change the metal, the gems, the pearls and everything you like by just touching the items. But Lazuri also has some awesome group gifts ladies. How about their 4th of July gift? That is just a great set, a beautiful dress and all the jewellery is included!
The cute bob is Ronnie by Tameless (they have several great bob styles at their store! Not free though but very affordable).
Another store that has great 60 L$ offers is SLC. They have the lovely Anni summer dress for just 60 L$ this weekend! It comes in many colours and textures and I am showing you just 2...but just hop over to the store and take a look if you like another colour or texture better!
SLC also has a great new gift for their VIP group members. I have no idea how much their enrolment fee is, but looking at the beautiful gift I think it should be worth to join!
The great shoes I am wearing with these dresses are by N-Core and it is a new release. The shoes are called Delicious (NOT free).
If you are wondering what hair I am wearing on the pictures above: those are 2 new releases by Tameless. The elegant up do is called Shaniah and it comes in lovely hair tones: 2 color packs: Naturals with all 16 natural colors, and Fantasy with 16 fantasy colors.  Each color pack is $249.  The Mega Pack with all colors are $399L.
The longer hair is called Summer hair and you can wear it with or without extensions. I am showing you just a few colours from each hair, but there \are many more to chose from at Tameless ladies!
Then I went to Finesmith. They always have excellent group gifts, and this time there are even two to get if you are a group member! First of all you can get this great black & white gown as a July gift. And you can get a 4th of July gift too, which is in a box on the floor at Finesmith ladies! Inside is a lovely (mesh) red white and blue dress, including the bracelet and the nails.
My last find is from Hot Stuff. They have a few great new of them is this Get ready for this? outfit...which I am showing you in blue. It is not free, but it is a great set! Socks and shoes are included.
The poses with bat are by Diesel Works. They were a gift a long time ago but I am sure you can still find them at their store, or any other great pose.
The lovely hair on the top picture is by Calico Ingmann Creations (not free) and the lovely hair on the pictures below, with the baseball bat, is by Wasabi Pills (NOT free) and it was a gift to me by my friend Ember! Thanks Ember!!!

 The other new release by Hot Stuff is called When Pigs Fly (not free)...and it is a cowboy outfit..or better a COW GIRL outfit! The hat is included, the bootees are by Baby Monkey (not free).