Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When did you play Apple Bob for the last time?

Firt, before I get to the apple bob thing, let me show you what Baiastice has put in the little gift box with bow. This little box is the item you have to find in the Plagtinum Hunt and you can buy each box for 10 L$. Baiastice made this GREAT brown silk dress...I simply love it.
The necklace and earrings I am wearing with this lovely cocktail dress is the Platinum hunt gift at Alienbear. WOW when do you ever get the chance to buy a real Alienbear jewelry set for only 10 L$? Go find that box ladies !
Baiastice also has a few freebies at their store, like this Nimfa del Boschi (nymf of the woods) outfit.
Or like this cute ballet outfit, also a freebie at Baiastice.

Nardcotix also has a box hidden at heir store and if you buy that one for 10 L$ you get these great black studdes shoes :)

Nikita Friede is participating in the YIBH (your inner bunny hunt) and YAY you can find a SKIN in the carrot hidden at their store (1 L$ for the carrot).

But I also found a freebie at Nikita Friede, this GREAT hair. It is moves like a spider, GREAT to wear with the sexy outfit from the midnight mania board at Beautykiller :)

Kunglers ...what can I say? When I put this dress on I was sold...it is one of the best dresses I have been wearing for a long time, I simply love it. And the best part is that I found it in the Platinum hunt box for only 10 L% ! The perfect matching shoes are by BabyMonkey.
Lemur has a two dollarbie (2 L$) at their store, 2 great pearl necklaces. They look the same but one is shiny and the other one isn't. Over to Lemur ladies !
Blue Blood has lots of lucky boards and YAY I was so lucky to get this great dress :)
This lovely gown is a gift at Angelwings on their Midnight Mania Board. A lovely brown gown with a hair flowers included :)

And this gown is from the Midnight Mania board at Maktub. The gown is called Sensual and it would be a GREAT gown if the designer hadn't put a face light in the skirt. Makes my face light up like a lightbulb, I really don't like that. The facelight can't be removed.
Condemned Design has a lot of lucky boards and a cube that rotates and you have to guess what is inside when it stops. I got a few very nice things there, look below ! The cute necklaces are by Birdy and they are a new release so NOT FREE.

OK the apple bob. Deviance has an apple bob tub at their store and you can bob every 3 minutes. I got a few nice things (also lots of rotten apples or deadly apples). The red tanks are a freebie by Jane (in all colors).

Deviance also has a lucky chair in store next to the apple bob and there ...yes I know, Easter was some time ago...but I won this Easter bunny outfit on that Deviance chair ! Well Easter Bunny: I am ready for Easter 2012 !

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