Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Silly shoes, elegant shoes, comfy shoes :)

I decided to make this blog just because a friend had his RL birthday and I decided to give him the most SILLY shoes I could find in SL. Look what I found...
These shoes are Angel Bear slippers and they will cost you 2 L$ but they are so much fun (if you want to give them as a GIFT on Marketplace, please choce the ADD TO CART as a GIFT option, or see if they are TRANSFER!)
The next slippers are mouse and kittie ones, both from the same shop and each one is 1 L$. The slippers are animated, the tail moves :)

Bunnies are always sweet and cute, and I found pink and white ones to wear on your feet :)

These slippers are ofcourse MONSTER feet slippers and totally free :) Can you imagine your friend wearing them?
The next slippers are animated and the American flag moves over the slippers. Ofcourse they are GO USA slippers :)

If your friend is having high ambitions maybe these slippers will fit him or her perfectly? Winged Hermes slippers?
Or if he is really a NUT, like I am, maybe he will fall for the dotted hat and sneakers?
These next slippers are color change and they come with a few examples which you can easy put on the slippers in edit. (slippers are full perm)
The slippers above are perfect for a day at the pool or at the beach but you can also wear these flip flops with a cute flower on them.
Or these colorful ones. I love them :) They are called Summer Sandals.
Then I found some more very colorful sandals, but they have a fault in them....if you want to change the skin the TOES do not change in color. Just wanted to show them to you, if your skin is dark you will have no problem. Made by Willay and cost 1 L$.
The next shoes are comfy flats and you can change them in color. They are great to wear with jeans or with your comfy outfits :) 2 L$ though !
I found some more shoes, but these are in the elegant shoe section :) These next ones are both by Patula and they cost 1 L$ per pair.
You can find the white ones HERE.
You can find the black ones HERE.

These cute blue sandals are by AL and they are called HEELS BLUE. Elegant and sexy, perfect to wear with a lovely gown or an elegant dress. 1 L$ for these elegant sandals ladies.
+9 has some really lovely high heeled pumps with a cute bow for all us ladies :)

And these 3 lovely denim pumps are by Ceriano design. You get black ones, dark blue onas and medium blue ones.

Last one for today are the cute booties I got from the Midnight Mania Board at Malfean Visions. They are very special (no heel) and cute to wear.