Monday, August 1, 2011


After taking pics of the items I found today for you I noticed this will be a very colorful blog :) Let me start with the group gift of Gesamtkunstwerk (GKW). It is a pack of 2 colors of this lovely hair :) (one is a bit brighter than the other)

I am wearing this great hair with a disco dress I found at Jador. It is free and it goes great with the bright hair. See? COLORS :) You get the lovely stole with the dress too.

I got some more green outfits, this one is by 22769. It is their male and female gift in the XO hunt. You have to find the letters OX to get these lovely outfits.

22769 is also participating in the Summer Feeling hunt and this is what you get if you find a flowerpot.

And these GREAT boots are by ZIP animations. Buy the single boot on the floor and they are yours to wear :)

I found another pair of colorful shoes, lovely wrapped pumps in pink. They are from the Midnight Mania board at Tainted.
Tainted actually has 3 Midnight Mania boards and this next outfit is from the second board at their store. The boots are included. And the pink top and pants is in the 3rd MM board.
There is a free gift for men and women near the MM boards too, this great set is inside the female gift :)
This GREAT outfit is by Paris Metro. I love the top and snake leather AMAZING. Thank you Rose :) really elegant and sexy at the same time.
Censored has 2 new group gifts at their store and they are very colorful too. I love the light blue outfit :)

This great Teeshirt and shorts is a gift by American Bazaar. It is a surprise bag for women at their store.

I got some more hair, this time from Ali & Alli.
The Eliese hair in ashbrown is the new voting gift at the mainstore. You can also find the new groupgifts at the mainstore, called Eliese in brown/copper and Rees in cappuchino cream.

The next hair is the Ali & Alli gift at Marketplace.
You can find Eliese in raspberry HERE.
Reese in darkbrown is HERE.
And Alanis in mahogany is to be found HERE.

The next hair is by Analog Dog. They have a few new releases and you can buy Demo's of this hair. Inside the DEMO versions is this hair..not the usual colors, but still wearable if you like a different color :)
The 2 lower hairs come with extensions.

This lovely lipglos is a gift at Gleam. Find the bag on the table.

The last shop I visited today was Bodyshots. Their items are free, 1 L$ or 10 L$. I went for the freebies and the 1 L$ items, but the skins at 10 L$ were also very very nice. Hop over and take a look ladies and don't forget to quickly pick up the goldfish from the TOTATF hunt, the hunt is almost over...I hope the fish is still there :)

HUNT item