Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We no speak Americano :)

I have had this song in my head all day and I felt like dancing and not like sitting down and make a blog :) To give you the same feeling ...listen HERE.
But I know you are all waiting for new stuff...so I am sitting at my desk, tapping my feet and moving my hands every once in a while LOL. And forgive me my bad English :)

A few Midnight Mania boards first. This one is by Steampunk and they have a GREAT outfit on their Midnight Mania board ladies. Get your friends over to click and close the board and you will get this super outfit to wear :)
The next shop I went to was Maktub. Their last gown on the MM board had a facelight in the skirt which made me look very pale, but this one is perfect and very elegant to wear :)
Wishbox has a lovely maid gown in their Lucky chair and it is definately worth the wait :)
To continue with the gowns: House of Beningborough has this GREAT black and white gown for free at their store. WOW it comes with a hair piece and a small hat and it moves so delicate !
House of Beningborough also has this cute mint green dress as a free gift...thank you so much :) I love both dresses.
Virtual Impressions has a GREAT new group gift (joining is free) for group members ofcourse. It goes great with the gowns :)
If you like jewelry, the Cyberhunt that is going on at Gems & Kisses is GREAT for you. It is not free, you have to buy the hunt items and they are priced from 5 L$ up to 25 L$. But I will give you an impression of what you can get there. Hunts is from 22 till 28 of August and there are 16 items at the store.

YESSS and Nanashi have 2 slap and dash boards and this is what I got there !

And Halcali offers this outfit, pants and sexy top, for free.
I could not resist to put this great outfit on my blog. It is by Saschas Design and it is a new release. The name is ChoCho and you will have to pay 299 L$ for the outfit but at the moment THREE colors are marked down to 175 L$ which is a steal for such a detailed set of clothes :) The cute shoes are by BabyMonkey.
Ambrosia is giving away this lovely top and skirt outfit and the chain around my leg is also a gift by R.A. Crystal Jewelry.

And this lovely black & white dress is by Artemis and it is also free.
This dress is the group gift at Dashwood. Joining the group is free and it is an elegant dress perfect for a summer party :) The matching shoes are by BabyMonkey.
To wear with all these cute oiutfits just a few pairs of free shoes. These ones are by Taboo Design and you get free sunglasses too. The shoes are texture change.

Last one for today: cute boots by FJ design at Mimis choice. I know I blogged them before, but they are great to wear with one of the cute pants set on the blog today.