Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just to make you smile...

..I will start with something REALLY silly, animated bunny slippers. A friend had his birthday and I wanted to give him something special in SL. So I gave him all the most silly slippers I could find...and these bunny slippers were sooo FUNNY!
OK over to the serious stuff. This lovely dress is by Soraya Chan, lovely soft pink silk, perfect for a lovely night dancing. I am wearing a necklace with the dress from Bird next Door, the portrait on the chain changes by clicking it (necklace is 5 L$).

These lovely shoes by Tara go GREAT with this sexy dress.
And the shoes also go great with this next dress. It is by Tessa and it's a lovely babydoll dress in pink and black. The dress is by l'Esprit.

With the Tessa dress I am wearing a lovely jewelry set by Gem Elegance, the Blood Ruby .
Gem Elegance also has another great set: Mayflower pink diamond.
The next dress is also kinda pink. Somehow I seem to find a lot of PINK dresses today :) This one is called Giselle and it is by Augusta Friede.
And this dark red dress is by Chic y Miccy.
The last one in pink /red is this lovely gown called Rose Petal gown :) It is by Ilya. I am wearing a lovely white pearl set by Jetcity with this lovely gown to make it even more special.

I found another gown in a lovely grey silk with a great beaded top. I love the sparkles :) You can wear it as a long gown or as a cocktail dress, both great to wear :) This gown is by Auguste Friede.

I also found 2 cute green dresses. One is a lovely silk dress with a high collar, perfect for a summer dance :) This dress is by LH. The price is 1 L$.
The other is more suitable for fall as it has a collar too and long sleeves. This dress is by Runaya and it will set you back 1 L$.
Another great outfit which even comes with a SKIN is from CandyMetal. It is called Samantha and it's a lovely comfy outfit :) You have to pay 1 L$ for this set.
CandyMetal also has some real nice shiny outfits in silver and gold. YAY I feel like a DISCO Queen :) 1 L$ ladies :)
The necklace and earrings set I am wearing with the CandyMetal Samanta outfit is called Ripple. You can see the skin better too on this pic. There are also bangles in this set (not shown).

The last one for today: the cute striped tops are by Edge Grafica and the matching capris are by Foxy Fashion.


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