Friday, August 26, 2011

LOTS to blog today !!!

Let me start with what made me laugh ever so much. I found this MM board at Shutter (with help from the FabFree group I must add) and they gave away this very funny Y M C A animation. The gift on their midnight mania board changes though..but it made me laugh. The very elegant dress is the new group gift at BC Shapes & skins.
Then I went to Furore. They have this lovely wrapped shirt as a gift at their store AND they have this cute hoody on their Midnight Mania board. Furore is also taking part in the Plundering Villages hunt and if you find the hunt items at their store you will get the LOVELY purple dress you can see below. The blue dress is a group gift.

This skin is also by Furore, not free, but as you all know I LOVE skins and I thought this one is worth showing. Take a look at it while you are at the store hunting or clicking the MM board. (light & dark brows)
Spearsong has this cute tee as a gift at their store. Yes I know: I have blogged this before. But hey they also have a GREAT tattoo for free AND a lovely skin for too. You have to join the group, joining is free.

The next skins are a group gift by Skintimate. WOW I love the porcelain one...very deleicte. So get over to Skintimate and join the group (joining is free).
The skins made me think about the GREAT gift I got at Soul distraction. The midnight mania board is group only but joining is free. And it needs a LOT of slaps...but if you get all your friends to slap...WOW this golden Fae is yours WITH the skin & shape!

Next to the midnight mania board with the Golden Fae is another group only midnight mania board for guys and gals. Joining this group is also free and you don't need as many while you are getting friends over let them slap too and you will get this Neko outfit.
Then I jumped to ChiChi of London. They had a concert at their store by Siouxsie & the Banshees. There is a hughe freebie gift with lots of clothes and an Siouxsie & the Banshees tee and pants.

OK shoes... I can't make a blog without ANY shoes. These cute espadrilles are by DUH ! and they are free.
The next 3 pairs are new gifts at BabyMonkey, lucky chairs and lucky boards are stuffed with new gifts and there are 9 lucky boards and 2 chairs so why not hop over, take a look at the very affordable shoes and try your luck?

Last one is NOT FRE (500 L$) Saschas design has a new release and I LOVE this gown/cocktail dress. It is called Zephra and it is in the new release section of the store. It is worth every penny though, the pics I made don't do it right at all.


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