Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kastle Rock Rocks !

Today I went to Kastle Rock to do their hunt for red diamonds. There are many al around the sim, many shops participating. I found quite a few red diamonds (they are quite easy to spot) and look what I got there !
The first ones are by Kastle Rock store. They have 20 diamonds hidden, I didn't find all. Some contain a dress, some a top or pants, capris, shorts or a scarf. You have to pay 1 L$ for each diamond.

The next lovely dress is by Saris Creations (also on the Kastle Rock sim, find the red diamond)

And this elegant evening gown is by Cero Style, find the red diamond they hid on the sim to get it.

Another shop that hid many diamonds is Flowerdreams. Look what I got there ! Again: I didn't find ALL the diamonds, there are many more to find.

The next shop was J Stylez, they hid this lovely dress in 5 diamonds, so to get this complete dress with shoes you have to find ALL 5 diamonds.
This lovely bracelet was hidden inside the red diamond that was hidden by Elemental Jewelry.

Last ones I found are by Eve N Better. WOW I love their style.

This is the actual list of ALL hidden diamonds:
Kastle Rock Couture - 20 Gifts (check the service desk)
^^Moulliez - 3 gifts
eve n better - 1 gift
;;; CERO STYLE ;;; - 1 gift
Flowerdreams Creations - 2 gifts
Maggs & Compton Designs - 2 gifts
The Kandi Store-Jewelry - 3 gifts
Moonlight Pointe Creations - 10 gifts
Saris Creation's - 3 gifts
Divine Beauty - 2-5 gifts
Michigans Shack/J Stylez - 10 gifts
Electric - 5 gifts
Smoochies/Slacy's - 10 gifts


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