Thursday, August 4, 2011


Whenever I can't think of a title I just put MIX there and just throw everything in the blog I have left in my inventory. Today I have some freebies, dresses, shoes, bags but also a few new releases. So let me quickly start.
This first lovely summer dress is called Leia and you can find it HERE on Marketplace. You can wear it with ot without the bow on the belt. It will set you back 1 L$.

The next dress is also from Marketoplace and this one is called You are beautiful.

Those were the dresses and now the shoes ;) The next shoes are both group gifts at Mary Jane Shoes :) Both groups are free to join. If you join the BOSL (best of SL) group make sure to hop over to their headquaters and get the lovely free bag I am showing you UNDER the shoes.

More free bags and shoes can be found at Bitter Candy. You get the shoes and bag in one package. Look what I got there !!!

And Mischief, the neighbour shop of Bitter Candy, has a lovely bag for you too !

The next items are new releases and I will start with the new skins by DP (Devine Perfection). The skins are called Gloria and they have different lipsticks. The eyes are kept plain because DP will soon release make up. They are a new release but they are only 10 L$ each, which is a steal for such lovely skins!

More skins are released by Tokyo Girl and they are called Miranda. NOT free ladies, but beautiful skins. And if you are wondering what the difference is between the skins? It is just under what I am showing on the pics :)

Birdy also has a new released skin, called Angie and they have plenty of beautiful make up for these skins. These skins are 400 L$ each (OUCH) but they come with hairbase and a complete set of eye make up.

Last new release is hair by Adoness. It is called Aura (and not free)

I will blog something else which is not free but I liked it very much. Lovely jewelry by Aidoru :) LOVE the earrings with the colored blocks....and the tiara makes me feel like royalty :) Thanks Jara :)
Aidoru is taking part in many hunts ladies, so go hunting and find a few very nice items :)