Thursday, July 30, 2015

What happened to the group gifts? PART 1

Hi there Readers!
I remember the times when lots of shops gave their group members a free gift each month. And because I have been away for a while I decided to check if there are still group gifts around. I found quite a few so keep reading!
But let me start Baboom. I love their designs and they are participating in 2 events. Both events run till July 31st, after that date you can find the lovely designs at the Baboom manistore.
This lovely Patricia dress comes in several colours and you can find it on the Fabulous Event. This dress comes with a lovely jacket too (not shown) and all items on the Fabulous Event are 50% discounted. Matching Coco shoes are available at the event too.
The elegant jewellery is the Perles de Gloire set by Lazuri, which I blogged several times the last days. I just love those Pearls and teh fact that the whole set is colour change! 860 L$ for the complete set with earrings, short necklace with long extension, bracelets and rings.
And this perfect dress is called Fresh Flower. It is again by Baboom and it is on the Swank Event, which also runs till July 31st. The dress comes in 6 elegant colours (NOT free). After that date you will find this dress in the Baboom Mainstore.
Now to the group gifts....Let me start with the newest group gift by Purple Moon. Joining their group is 50 L$ and you get this awesome jump suit in black as a gift. I am wearing the newest release by Lazuri with this jump suit, a beautiful set called Cocoa Island. It is just perfect for summer. This lovely set is on offer at the Fashion Tropic event, which runs till July 31st. However....I tried to go there, but the SIM was not available. So maybe it closed already. No worries, I am sure you can find this elegant set soon in the Lazuri Main store.
I had so much fun playing around with the colour change options of this set!
The fun shoes are the gift for the SLF&O group (joining is free) at Like Designs. The shoes are for SLINK HIGH feet.
And this fun summer dress, including shoes for SLINK high feet, hat, bracelets and nails (for Slink hands) is the newest group gift by Finesmith. Joining there group is free and there are several group gifts available (look below).
The gold and silver bracelet are also group gifts at Finesmith.
And this lovely hair piece is also a group gift at Finesmith. Perfect to wear with your summer outfits!
My last group gift by Finesmith is their January group gift. This elegant set comes with a tiara, earrings and necklace.
I am wearing this set with the May group gift by Gizza. Joining the Gizza group is free, and they have many group gifts.
I am sure you would like to get some awesome shoes to go with the dress above, so I went to Livalle. They have 3 pairs of shoes as a group gift. Joining their group is free. The first sandals are for SLINK high feet, the elegant red/black pumps are for SLINK mid feet and the slip ons are for SLINK flat feet.