Saturday, July 25, 2015

Last days of the Hair Fair 2015.

Readers, if you haven't been to the Hair Fair 2015 yet, HURRY because this fair closes on July 26th. And there are so many great gifts to find that you should not miss out on them!
It is the 10th version of the Hair Fair and all participants have a #10 at their store on the fair with a gift inside. Besides that: the designers donate part of their income to Wigs for Kids, so even if you buy a new release you will support Wigs for Kids...a win win situation!
Thank you all designers for the lovely gifts and for your generous donations!
You can find all info about the Hair Fair 2015 HERE.
I am wearing the July group gift by WoW skins today on my blog, a lovely skin called Stella. Joining the WoW skins group is 350 L$ but you get a new group gift each month, all previous group gifts (about 35) are also still available, and you get the right to click the 18 Lucky boards at the WoW skins store. Don't forget the 2 Midnight Mania boards for gtoup members and the 3 Lucky chairs for NON group members.
Let me start with the last gifts from the Hair Fair. I am sure I missed a few, but I hope you got the impression over the last days what great gifts you can find there.
I landed at Kokolores, which store you can find on the Brunette (Iridium) sim and they have this awesome Ash hair as a gift for us all. This hair comes with 3 colour change HUDS so I am sure your favorite hair tone will be amongst them.
Then I went to the store by Zibska and they have this awesome head and shoulder piece as a gift at their store. The pieces come in several colours and there is matching make up in the folder too. Just showing you a few options below. The hair is by Beusy and I blogged it before. It is also a gift on the Hair Fair 2015. Both stores are on the Brunette (Iridium) sim.
Another store on the Brunette (Iridium) sim is DQ Hair Studio One. They have a lovely dress as a gift on the Hair Fair 2015. The hair is also a gift on the Hair fair and you can find it at L&N Signature Design. I blogged this hair before, comes in many colours.
Over to another sim: the Noirette (Osmium) sim. I found this awesome hair inside the #10 at Exile. It is called Jack & Jill and there is a male version inside the gift too. The hair comes with many colour change HUDS, I am showing you just a few options below.
My last stops for today are on the Blonde (Platinum)sim. LittleBones has this great Pogo hair there in many colours and if you click their #10 it is yours. What a lovely gift! The hair comes with a colour change HUD and there are 2 versions of this HUD included.
Then I went to Murray and I just love their Catherine hair, which is their gift at the Fair. I so look like Cathernie Deneuve! The hair comes in many great colours, just showing you a few options below.
And there is some fun hair to find on the Hair Fair 2015 too! How about this sweet brigh yellow Goody hair by Redmint? Love it!
Or you can hop over to the store by Yuko. They have really fun hair in 2 versions as a gift. Both versions come with a colour change HUD to change the colour into bleus, greens and yellows. Just showing you a few options below.
There are not just female hair do's at the fair! This hair below is actually for guys but I could not resist it. You can find it at the store by Damselfly and the hair and hat both come with a colour change HUD. Great hair, even if you are not a guy.
There are also Hair designers who give away other gifts then hair at the Hair Fair 2015. Above you have already seen one dress, but there are more. How about this lovely summer dress? It is the gift at Decoy.
To wear with this summer dress, especially if you decide to go to the beach, like I did, you could go get the gift you can find at Lelutka. You get these awesome sun glasses in 2 versions.
My last find is again a dress and it is hidden inside the #10 at Ison. You get 3 colours of this fun dress and I am sure you will look awesome in them all.