Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hair Fair 2015

Morning Readers!
Today on my blog some more gifts you can find on the Hair Fair 2015. It is their 10th fair and in each store you can find a #10 with a lovely gift. The fair runs till July 26th so there are just a few days left to go pick up those awesome gifts. Or to buy a new hair style. Part of your purchase will be donated to Wigs for Kids. I want to thank all designers for their generous gifts and for their generous donations to the Wigs for Kids project.
You can find all info about the Hair Fair 2015 HERE.
I am wearing a beautiful new skin on my blog today. This skin is called Stella and it is the newest group gift by WoW skins. You get all skin tones, milk, tan, darktan, bronze and golden and all tones with or without a cleavage option. Joining the WoW skins group is 350 L$ but there are 18 group Lucky boards at the store with awesome gifts, there are 2 group Midnight Mania boards and there are 3 non group Lucky chairs. On top of that: you get ALL previous group gifts in a box right next to the monthly skin giver at the store.
My first hair from the Hair Fair 2015 today is a huge (and I mean realy HUGE) fat pack which is inside the #10 by Alice Project. You get Celeste, a full pack with many HUDS and you get several other lovely hairs which all come with a colour change hud to change the hair into 15 beautiful fantasy colours. Alice Project can be found on the Osmium (Black) sim.
Just showing you a few options of this lovely hair below.

And this lovely red hair is the gift by Ayashi. This hair is called Lisa and you can find Ayashi on the Brunette (Irridium) sim.
The next hair is by Oblivion and you can also find this hair in 5 versions on the Brunette (Irridium) sim. The hair is called Summer Attitude hair and the lovely wrench is included.
Wasabi Pills is also on the Brunette (Irridium) sim and they have this lovely gift hair inside their #10. The hair comes with a colour change HUD to change 4 parts of the head band into many great options. Just showing how I played around with it below.
Then I went back to the Noirette (Osmium) sim and I found this great hair inside the #10 at Mithral. The hair is called Magnesium Hair.
Over to Olive, they have this fun Steamer Hair in 2 colours as a gift for you all. You can find them on the Noirette (Osmium) sim.
Another participant in the Hair Fair 2015 is Vanity Hair which you can also find on the Noirrette (Osmium) sim. They have this fun colour change hat with the hair on the back for you all.
And if you like short hair just hop over to Tabou Irrisistible on the Noirette (Osmium) sim They have this fun h air in 3 colours as a gift at their store. 
Another short hair is this one by UncleWeb Studio. You get this fun hair which is called Shiso in 3 colours if you find them on the Noirette (Osmium) sim.
My last find is this up do by T.U.I. on the Blonde (Platinum) sim. You get 8 different hair tones of this up do.