Friday, July 24, 2015

Hair Fair 2015 Part 6 from up do's to pony tails

Morning Readers!
Just a few days left to go to the Hair Fair 2015. It runs will July 26th and because it is the 10th version of the Hair Fair most designers have a beautiful gift at their store on the hair fair, hidden in a large #10.
You can find all info about the Hair Fair 2015 HERE.
Today I am again wearing the July skin gift by WoW skins. This lovely skin is called Stella and you get 5 skin tones of this skin as a group gift. Joining their group is 350 L$ but you get a new skin each month, all previous group gifts are available too and you can click those 18 group Lucky boards and 2 midnight mania bords. Stella comes in 5 skin tones.
Now to the Hair Fair 2015. The fair is held on 4 sims, Brunette, Blonde, Red and Noirette. I landed on the Blonde (Platinum) sim and found the Analog Dog store. You will be so surprised with their gift on the Hair fair! They give you a huge pack of hair, with many HUDS and with 3 different bangers versions. I can't show all to you, just a few options are beow.

Then I went to the Brunette (Iridium) sim to find the Calico store. I got one of my first hairs from Calico and I was so proud to wear it, so I could not resist to hop over and find their gift on this fair. It is again a fat pack with several HUDS which change this fun Quinn hair in as many colours as you like.
My next stop was at the Noirette (Osmium) sim and I got another huge pack of hair which was hidden inside the #10 at Blues. This great Lumiere up do comes again with many HUDS to change the colour of the hair. Just a few options below.
Yet another fat pack is the lovely pony tail which is hidden inside the #10 at Iconic. You can find Iconic on the Red (Rhodium) sim. This hair again comes with many HUDS to change the colour.
With this lovely hair I am wearing another gift you can find on the Hair Fair 2015. This fun Dandelion hair ornament is the gift you can find at No Match. No Match store is also on the Red (Rhodium) sim.
And my last find are the cute Tropical ornaments you will find in the #10 at Tableau Vivant on the Blonde (Platinum) sim. Gives you such a summer feeling! You get all colours shown.