Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hair Fair 2015

Hello Readers!
Yes again a blog about the Hair Fair 2015! A girl never has enough hair is all I am saying!
It is the 10th fair and the gifts are hidden in a BIG 10 in each store. If you decide to go there: go low lag. It means: take off all your scripted items, hair, jewellery, AO (don't turn it off, TAKE it off), shoes, poofers, weapons, pets, mesh attachements, clothing. Go with the standard avatar, wear a plain shirt, a hair base and simple jeans. Or wear a body alpha (you can get it for free).
The Hair Fair is on 4 sims, Red, Black, Brunette and Blonde and you can find all info about the fair HERE.
The lovely skin I am wearing is by WoW skins and this skin is called Mika (darktan - cleavage option). This skin is not free, but a great skin to wear!
WoW skins is having an outlet sale where all skins are just 30 L$. Just take the teleport at the main store.
I will show you what I already unpacked below.
This first hair is by Tameless and you can find their store on the Noirette (Osmium) sim. This fun hair is called Despina and you get the complete version in all colours. I am showing you just a few options below. The hair and the hair bow can be changed by just clicking the hair.
And then I went back to my RED sim folder. I just love the hair styles Elikatira has as a gift inside their #10 at the Fair. You get 3 different hair styles and each one comes with a colour change HUD with many options. I am just showing you a few possibilties of the hairs below.
This hair is called Lillian.
This hair is called Kara.
And this hair is called Chantal.
I am wearing the Lillian hair with the gift I found inside the #10 sYs. You get this great bag in 2 versions (for busty and less busty ladies) as their gift.
My next find is this fun grey hair by Mina. She is giving us all a lovely flowing hair style with a HUD that changes the colour of the hair into 5 different options.
And Moon is also on the RED sim (Rhodium) and inside their #10 you can find this awesome long hair in many colours. The HUD to change the hair comes with it. You get regular and rooted versions of this hair.
My next find is hidden inside the #10 at Asset. It is again a huge fat pack with many huds. I cannot show you all the options, but there is an impression below. Remember: each hud has many more options inside!
My last find for today is from the Stringer Mausoleum They also have a big gift inside their #10. You get these mowhawks and you also get a texture checker. And you get a pack with many beautiful eyes. Last but not least these bubble hair do's are also inside their #10. I am not showing you the eyes and the texture changer. And from the mowhawks I am just showing you a few examples.
THANK YOU all designers for your lovely gifts. And also thank you for your donations to Wigs for Kids and for your lovely new designs.