Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hair Fair 2015

Good Morning readers, if you are still here!
Just a short update on my health: finally the abces seems to be closing and the pain is getting less. I can sit again, but not for a long time.
So I took a peek in Second Life and WOW the Hair Fair 2015 started! It runs till July 26th so you have still a few days to hop over and get those great gifts. It is the 10th fair and the gifts are hidden in a BIG 10 in each store.
If you decide to go there: go low lag. It means: take off all your scripted items, hair, jewellery, AO (don't turn it off, TAKE it off), shoes, poofers, weapons, pets, mesh attachements, clothing. Go with the standard avatar, wear a plain shirt, a hair base and simple jeans. Or wear a body alpha (you can get it for free).
The Hair Fair is on 4 sims, Red, Black, Brunette and Blonde and you can find all info about the fair HERE.
I will show you what I already unpacked below.
This first hair is by Zaela Hair and Fashion and it is called Leah. You get a huge fat pack with a HUD to change the color of the hair. Below are just a few examples. The landmark link will land you at a landing point on the Red (Rhodium) sim. This is what you do to find the store: Copy the LM from my blog to your nearby chat in SL. Click the LM and chose show on map. A small red arrow will point to the exact spot where the store is. WALK there, or fly, but do not use teleport because you will land at the landing point again.
The lovely skin I am wearing is by WoW skins and this skin is called Mika (darktan - cleavage option). This skin is not free, but a great skin to wear!
WoW skins is having an outlet sale where all skins are just 30 L$. Just take the teleport at the main store.
And this lovely hair is the gift by Fiore. This hair is called Nia and you get 3 different versions. You can find it on the Red (Rhodium) sim.
The next hair is by Due and you get a HUD with this hair to change the colour into several lovely brownish tones. This hair again is on the Red (Rhodium) sim.
Another great gift is the beautiful updo Amacci has as a gift for us all at their store. This hair is amazing, you get no less than 6 HUDS with this hair and the options are endless. The hair bases come with the buns and you get faded and regular tones in each HUD. Don't miss out on this gift. I am showing you just a few options below. This hair is on the Red (Rhodium) sim.
This very cute duo toned hair is by INK and again you can find it on the Red (Rhodium) sim.
My next find is this cute hair by Elua. You can find it on the Red (Rhodium) sim and you get 2 versions of this fun hair.
There are more fat packs hidden inside the #10 on the Hair Fair. Like this one, which is by MaiOwn. You can find this hair on the Red (Rhodium) sim and you get several HUDs with this hair to change the tone into every tone you can think of....amazing!!! Below I am showing just a few options, there are many more to play with.
My last find for today is the gift by Oleander. You get this lovely Larkin hair in dipped tones with a HUD to change the colour into many great tones and you also get the glitter Kitty nose in 3 colours hidden inside the #10 at their store. Remember: this is NOT a hunt, the #10 are not hidden, they are in plain sight in each store.
Thank you ALL dear designers for your generous gifts and your lovely new designs. And above all: thank you for your donations.