Monday, July 27, 2015

Some more Marketplace finds

Morning Readers.
On this Monday morning I am taking you back to Marketplace. So no hopping around in Second life, just clicking the BUY button on Marketplace and wait for the delivery.
The first dress today is by Smel Creations and this dress is called Secret Love Dress. It comes in a beautiful teal shade and it hugs all your curves. The dress comes with many appliers for MESH bodies and parts. And it is free.
I am wearing the beautiful Theonilla and Co shoes I blogged yesterday with this dress, this time the teal ones. They go great with this dress. The set of 7 different colours is 1 L$.
And this elegant red dress with a high split is by Hottest Fashion store and it is called Love dress. This dress is great, it comes with many appliers and it is just a lovely dress to wear. I am wearing elegant sandals by De'Vil with this dress, and these shoes are for SLINK high feet. They are free, so is the dress.
To go with this dress the black diamond necklace by TLC is perfect. This necklace is free.
Over to Meli Imako. They have full perm gifts each month and this month it is a lovely feather dress. This dress comes with all layers and with several pre made textures, but you can use your own design too. Don't miss out on this great gift!
Again, I got this dress for free, it is the July gift by Meli Imako. However now it is 300 L$. An d July is not over yet.
Then I got this elegant Samantha gown by Lennie for free. It is a lovely gown, it just makes me look a little bloaty. I am wearing shoes by Theonilla and Co with this dress, which come in a pack of 7 colours for 1 L$. They are for |SLINK high feet.
The elegant jewellery set is by Keystone and the set is called Illume. It comes in gold with a choice of 3 different stones.
The last stop for me today was at Kaiserpaar. They have several gifts at their Marketplace store and I just fell for their Ophelia dress. A lovely long flower gown, perfect for long summer nights. This gown is free.
Another gift at Kaiserpaar is this Christina set. Perfect for summer, a fun bikini with a shawl, or a sexy summer dress...all for free. To top it off there are white flats included too for system feet.
My last find at Kaiserpaar is this elegant Sina dress. They say it is a wedding dress, and there is a veil included. But I think it is a very nice summer dress! There is a diamond hair piece included.