Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Designer Circle round #110

Hi Readers,
I missed a few rounds of the Designer Circle and I bet you missed my blogs about theiR bargains too. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and there are many great designers offering one or more of their designs for bottom prices there! A great way to fill your inventory with awesome design without breaking the bank. ATTENTION: the Designer Circle has moved to another SIM, please use the LM from my blog to get to the right store!
The current #110 round of the Designer Circle runs till August 8th, so keep that date in mind. The Designer Circle has an official BLOG HERE.
So what did I get there? Let me start with the great Lucia outfits Stormcrow Designs has on offer at the Designer Circle. Lucia comes in 3 lovely pastel colours, and each outfit comes with elegant gold chain bracelets and a perfect clutch. Also included are perfect high pumps for SLINK high feet. Just 100 L$ per outfit, the hardest part will be to chose which colour you love best. But hey, for 100 L$ each you can afford all 3 :)
The lovely long pearl necklace is by Lazuri and it is a new release. Actually the long Pearls go on your back, but I rotated the necklace so they are on the front. You can take the long part off, so you have a short pearl necklace too. I got the whole set of this pearl jewellery at Lazuri. The set is called Perles de Gloire and you get bracelets, the necklace, earrings and rings. It is a special edition and it is 860 L$. However the complete set is colour change, which means you can change the colour of the Pearls, metal and gems to your liking.
Lazuri has a FREE pearl set on Marketplace HERE.
The free set on Marketplace.
Then I got this awesome dress by GiuliaDesign. You can find this lovely dress in 4 colours at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ per dress. The dress is called Annie and the hat and clutch are included.
I am wearing another offer you can find at the Designer Circle with this dress: shoes by VG Shoes. The shoes are called Denver and there are no less than 8 colours to chose from. Each pair comes with a HUD to change the spikes into 3 metal colours. 99 L$ per pair.
I am wearing those awesome shoes with my next find too: lovely dresses by Sofie's Selection. You can fijnd these perfect Peplum dresses at the Designer Circle in 3 versions (just showing you 2 of them) for 100 L$ each. Each dress comes with a colour change HUD to change the colour into 4 lovely tones.
With these dresses I am wearing the newest group gift by Lazuri, called Blume. You get a lovely colour change necklace (3 colours to chose from), earrings and bracelets. Joining the Lazuri group is 250 L$ but there are several previous group gifts available.
However there is a version of this lovely Blume set in a simpler version FOR FREE at the Lazuri store: a simple Blume necklace and earrings. No group needed.