Thursday, November 13, 2014

Let's do Pink and Purple today!

Morning Readers!
Yesterday I had a lot of red and black outfits and today it seems I have a lot of pink and purple ones. Some of the bargains on my blog today are by the Designer Circle, and some are from the Dirty Turkey hunt.

But let me start with a great offer by WoW skins. They have this awesome new skin called Jaz on offer at the Fresh Styles Sales Room. Jaz comes in 4 perfect skin tones and each skin tone is just 99 L$! Can you believe you can buy such a detailed lovely skin for that price anywhere? Well if not, hop over to the Fresh Styles Sales Room and go get this bargain!
All appliers you might need are on offer there too.
There is a freckle layer included with these skins, however I am wearing a freckle layer by Glamorize (5 L$ on Marketplace) with these skins. You can wear these skins without the freckles of course.

Then I went to the Designer Circle and to my surprise I found another great skin for just 99 L$! This lovely Evelien skin is by 7 Deadly S[k]ins and it comes in a V1 and a V2 version. If you are not sure what to buy, try the DEMO first! All appliers are on offer at the Designer Circle too.
The current round of the Designer Circle runs till November 22nd, so don't wait too long to hop over and take a look at all the bargains!
My next find at the Designer Circle is this lovely warm sweater by GraffitiWear. This Snuggly sweater comes in 3 great winter colours and it is just perfect for the colder days to come. You can wear it with warm slouchy socks inside the house, or with pants or jeans to go for a fall or winter walk. Each colour is just 95 L$.
I am wearing the lovely Chromatic Zebra earrings and rings with this outfit, and they are on offer at the Designer Circle by Baubles by Phe. 100 L$ for the complete set, earrings and 2 rings.
The lovely skin I am wearing is Kyle Darktan by WoW skins, which is available at the Designer Circle in 3 skin tones. Each skin tone is just 99 L$ and all appliers are available too.
The next dresses are bt Eyelure and they are called Frill dresses. They come in 5 colours and each one is 99 L$. You can find all of those colours at the Designer Circle. And if you are going to say: hey this dress is not purple nor pink, you are sooo right. I chose the black one for the pictures. However the Frill dress does comes in purple too.
The lovely clutch is also on offer at the Designer Circle. It is by Glow Designs and you have a choice of 3 colours. Each clutch comes with a silver or a gold detail, and each clutch is 100 L$.
The beautiful jewellery is by Lazuri and it is their All Glam Diamond set. This set is  NOT free, but it is colour change, which means you can change the colour of the metal, the diamonds and the pendant.
Then I did some more hunting in the Dirty Turkey hunt. This hunt runs till November 30th and there are 136 shops to visit! There is a HINT & LINK page available which is very helpful.
All gifts in this hunt are free, and you are looking for a round box with a Turkey on it.
So what did I find? Well I landed at #12 Somnia and I found this lovely dress inside their hunt box. The dress comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour of the belt into 3 different ones, and the colour of the dress into 5 different styles. A perfect warm dress for winter!
And if you can locate the hunt box at #41 Ducknipple, you will find this great sweater inside the box. I love the duo toned texture and the perfect fit. Come on ladies, the hunt boxes are not that hard to find!
This next dress is more for the ladies that live in a part of the world where it is Always warm, or where summer starts right now. You can find this dress inside the hunt box at #18 Pink Sugah.
With this dress I am wearing leather bracelets by #44 Ecco. The bracelets are very detailed and perfectly made, so it really is worth to go hunting there!
My last find for today is something I would not wear in Real life. I just don't like provoking text on my shirt. But if you like it: go hunting at #88 CUD. They have this bright pink shirt as a hunt gift hidden inside their hunt box.