Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Go get those bargains!

Morning Readers!
I Always love the Rolling restart Tuesdays, don't you? Regions that close down and if you don't pay attention, you will be booted from Second Life. Things you buy that do not show in your inventory. Things you unpack vanish. It is Always fun.
But still, these are the last days of the Designer Circle and there are still a few bargains I did not show you. Their current round ends on November 8th, so don't wait too long.
So hopefully your teleports will work today.
There are only 2 designers I want to bring to your attention today: JK Style and Nya's shop. Both have awesome offers at the Designer Circle.
Let me start with Nya's shop. They have these great shirts on offer at the Designer Circle and you get a shirt with, and one without a tee shirt under it. So you can wear it sexy or more modest. There are 99 L$ per set and there are 5 plain ones and 5 paterned ones to chose from.
The elegant shoes are by Preptopia and they are called Boston heels. You can find them at the Designer Circle and you have to pay 100 L$ for these elegant shoes, they are for SLINK HIGH feet, and they come with a HUD to change the sole into light or dark and the studs into silver or gold.
The beautiful skin is by WoW skins and it is called Poison darktan. This skin is available at the Designer Circle in 3 skin tones, and each skin tone is just 99 L$. All appliers are available too.
WoW skins has a retirement sale at their store at the moment and a lot of their great skins are just 50 L$ per skin! Don't miss out on that one ladies.

Then JK Style. They have no less than 4 great offers at the Designer Circle. As I am crazy about shoes, let me show you their shoe offer first. These elegant shoes are called Lena heels and you get a black and a red pair in one buy for 80 L$. However you need SLINK HIGH feet to wear these shoes.
Then JK Style has this beautiful Trudee set on offer at the Designer Circle. You get a pair of great skinny cuffed jeans in blue and a pair of cute ballet flats for SLINK FLAT feet. And on top of that you get a warm cardigan with a colour change HUD which changes this cardigan into 5 colours. To wear under the cardigan yu get a striped top also with a colour change HUD which changes the top into 4 different textures. A perfect set for winter ladies! And just 90 L$!
The lovely jewellery set is an older one by Alienbear. It is called Bubbles and comes in many colours. NOT free though.
The next offer by JK Style at the Designer Circle is called Chantal and Chantal has a lovely top with ruffles. This top comes with a colour change HUD which changes the top into 8 different textures. To wear with these tops you get cropped pencil jeans and a pair of great heels. On the vendor it says for SLINK FLAT feet, but that is incorrect. The shoes are for SLINK HIGH feet as you can see on the pictures. This copmplete set is just 90 L$ ladies.
And the last offer at the Designer Circle by JK STyle is Presley. A very cute cocktail dress with a colour change HUD which changes this dress into 6 different colours. The elegant heels for SLINK HIGH feet are included. The little clutch just finishes this look off perfectly. Just 90 L$ for the complete set including the clutch.