Saturday, November 15, 2014

Geeezzz I forgot a title....

Hi Readers!
Today on my blog you can see some more offers you can find at the Designer Circle. And some more gifts in the Dirty Turkey hunt.
The current round of the Designer Circle runs till November 22nd, so don't wait too long to grab the bargains there!
The Dirty Turkey Hunt runs till November 30th, so enough time to go hunting in the #136 participating stores!
Let me start with the Designer Circle ladies. Nothing there is over 100 L$ and a lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs for a very low price. A great way to fill your inventory with the best designs for bottom prices.
Anyway, what did I find there?
This first dress is called Unbutton me and it is by B-Dazzled. You can find it at the Designer Circle for just 100 L$ but you get a HUD with this dress which changes the colour into no less than 10 fantastic colours!
I am wearing the lovely Kyle darktan skin on my blog today and this skin is by WoW skins. You can find it at the Designer Circle for 99 L$ per skin tone. There are 3 skin tones to chose from. All appliers you might need are available there too.
The lovely earrings and rings are by Baubles by Phe and they are available at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ per set.
The next dresses are by Nya's shop and they are also on offer at the Designer Circle. These lovely Gilda dresses come in 5 colours and each one is just 75 L$. They give me that very retro feel...LOVE it. Nya's shop also offers great Classic shoes for SLINK MID feet at the Designer Circle. They come in 5 colours and each pair is 90 L$.
Another designer that offers lovely SLINK HIGH shoes is Loordes of London. They have these Vermallion shoes at the Designer Circle in 5 colours for just 70 L$ per pair.
The next outfit is by JK Style and this outfit is called Miley. Miley is a fun set of a short top and capri jeans. With the top you get a HUD which changes the colour of the top into 6 different ones, and the capri jeans come with a HUD which change the jeans into 4 colours. You can find Miley at the Designer Circle for just 65 L$ including both HUDS.
I am wearing another offer by JK Style with this Miley outfit: they have these great Chantal heels for SLINK HIGH feet on offer at the Designer Circle for just 90 L$. You get BOTH colours in one buy!
Over to the Dirty Turkey Hunt. There is a HINT & LINK page available which is very helpful (especially for the stores that aren't ready yet). The hunt gifts are free and you are looking for a round box with a Turkey on it.
I landed at #33 Perch and found this lovely gown inside their hunt box! I paired it with the lovely bangles #30 Opal has hidden inside their hunt box....and all you have to do is go find the Turkey boxes to get these lovely gifts!
Then I went to #51 Abrasive and even though I found the hunt gift there, which I blogged yesterday, I also was so lucky to get a lovely blue dress from their Question mark board.
The lovely hair is also a hunt gift, and you have to find the hunt box at #47 Damselfly to get this fat pack of hair with feathers.
I am wearing this lovely Abrasive dress with the hunt gift by #29 CuteBomb. Inside their hunt box you will find these fun Turkey bears to cuddle.
My last find for today is this lovely tartan jacket. It is by #85 MoDanna and it is hidden inside their hunt box. Perfect to wear with jeans and a tee shirt, but you can also wear it more sexy without a shirt under it.
The cross necklace is also a hunt gift and this one can be found inside the hunt box at #45 Etham. You get a short and a long version.