Sunday, November 2, 2014

Going for the tough look today?

Morning Readers!
Just to compensate the girly blog I posted yesterday, today I will put some more tough looking outfits on my blog. I found a few great ones at the Designer Circle, but also a few free ones on Marketplace.
Let me start with the sexy Lazy Leggings [Infliction] has on offer at the Designer Circle. These leggings come in 5 great colours and they give you that sexy tough look you want to achieve. Each pair is 75 L$.
I paired them with the just as sexy Arvilla tops NaYu has on offer at the Designer Circle. These tops come in 6 colours and each one is 100 L$. But you will look ever so sexy!
The lovely bangles just add that certain kind of edge to the outfit. They are by Baubles by Phe and they are called Wrought Iron bangles. You can find them at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ and you get 2 bangles and a matching ring for that amount.
The beautiful skin is by WoW skins and it is called Poison. Poison comes in 3 skin tones and each one is 99 L$. You can find them at the Designer Circle, and all appliers are there available too.
Over to Icewerk. They have this British Girl outfit on offer at the Designer Circle. I admit it is not really a tough look, but it's not that girly sweet either! This outfit is just 100 L$ including the bowler hat. A pair of sunglasses is also included, but they are not shown.
Stormcrow Designs also has a great outfit on offer at the Designer Circle. This Zelda outfit comes in red and black and you get both for 99 L$. The black catsuit and the high heels (for SLINK HIGH feet) are also included.
Stormcrow Designs has another great offer at the Designer Circle and even though it doesn't give you a really tough look, I want to show you their Dita outfit too. Dita is availbe for 99 L$ and what do you get? A great outfit and a colour change HUD which shanges the top and the skirt into 6 different tetures! I had fun playing around with the HUD but of course you can chose your own combinations.The high heels for SLINK HIGH feet are included.
Then I wondered if I could find a nice but tough looking outfit on Marketplace too. Well...I found a few...and I hope you will love them. This first one is by Sweet Temptations and it is called Sarah. It is a lovely gift and totally free!
I Always check my items from Marketplace ladies, and as it turns out the price of this FREE outfit now is 299 L$. However Sweet Temptations has another outfit on Marketplace which is free. I truly hate it when that happens, I get outfits for free on Marketplace and all of a sudden the price goes up.
Then I found this sexy Zebra dress on Marketplace. It is by C&C and it is 1 L$. This mesh dress comes with the shoes and it just gives you a great look. The elegant shoes with spiked heels are included, they are for regular feet.
My last find on Marketplace is by Crev. They have this fatpack of Tained Carnival heels on Marketplace and they will go great with your sexy outfit. This set is totally free. Theya re for regular feet.