Wednesday, November 5, 2014

As long as your hair is ok...

Hi there Readers!
In a few days the current round of the Designer Circle stops. But I still have a few bargains for you from this round. You can get them till NOVEMBER 8th, so don't wait too long!
And then I was thinking: how long is is ago that I posted a Hair blog? Quite a while I think. And we all love a great hairdo don't we? Well eat your heart out...a whole lot of free hair on my blog today! I tried to find all different styles, so I hope there is something amongst them you will like.
But let me start with the Designer Circle first. This first dress and shape are by Coco Sands. I love the blue flower dress, and even though I love my own shape, the one by Coco Sands is a great one too. You can find both at the Designer Circle, the dress for 90 L$ and the shape for 90 L$.
The lovely skin I am wearing is by WoW skins and it is Poison Darktan. You can find her at the Designer Circle for 99 L$ per skin tone. There are 3 skin tones available and all appliers are available too.
And then I got this awesome Joplin Rock bolero with fringes. It is by Loordes of London and you can find it at the Designer Circle in 5 colours. Each bolero is just 70 L$ and it gives you that hippie look from the 60th.
The lovely bangles are by Baubles by Phe and you can find them at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ including a lovely ring.
This outfit made me want to wear that crazy hippie hair that was in fashion in the 60th. I found this great hairdo on Marketplace and it is by Edelstore. Free ladies!
Edelstore has another great hairdo for free on Marketplace. How about this cute pony tail which is called Sable?
And this Shy hair is also by Edelstore. A lovely bob with bangs. For those days you want a simple and easy hairdo.
And this lovely hair is called Fedra and it is also by Edelstore. Free!
The next hair is by Analog Dog. They have a new freeball on their beach area, and inside there is some awesome NOT to miss hair ladies. All free. To find the beach area: fly UP at the landing point, wait till everything rezzes and do a 180. You will see the beach, just fly there.
This first hair is called Bayou light reds.
And this hair is called Ladonna Nutmeg, also in the freeball.
This hair is called Oatmeal and it comes with a separate flexi part.
Then I tried the Rebel hair that is in the I feel like Lady Gaga now :)
And all the other hair do's below come with a colour change HUD. This HUD changes the hair into many lovely colours, I am just showing you a few options.
This hair is called Fablespoon.
And this hair is called Libra and this hair comes with flexi extensions.
The last hair in the freeball is called Pop Scotch and it comes with extensions too.
With the Analog Dog hair the hair bases are included. However there are some free hair bases on Marketplace, like this set by Catwa. Or you can get the free hair bases by Exile. You will need the hair bases with the curly hair below!
Back to Marketplace. I love curly hair as my real life hair is curly too. And I found a great set of 6 different hair tones by ALT.
The next 2 hair do's are by DiAnti and the first one is called Britt. The second hair is called Cindy and both are free.
Then I got this colour pack of Cleaning Day hair by Banpaia Creations for free. Just showing you a few options, it is a huge pack with all available colours.
And Christina1a Twine has this elegant Chris semi long hair in many many colours for free on Marketplace. Just showing you a few options.
My next find is this cute dark hair by Emo-tions. It is free on Marketplace and it is called Leona.
The next fund hair is by S S Stalker and it has no name. But it is fun hair to wear!
Over to Me-I. They have this lovely pleated Goddess hair for free on Marketplace.
And my last 2 hair do's are by Gauze. They have some awesome fat packs of hair on Marketplace and they are for free!
They are huge packs, so I am showing you just a few options.
This first hair is called Aural.
The second hair by Gauze is called Relia.
And if you all are wondering now how I look after trying all those hairs today? is one of my private pictures.....and you can get this look for free on Marketplace too. June Trenkins made it (full perm).