Thursday, March 20, 2014

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone...

OK  not very Original, this title, but I listen to music while making my blog Readers, and today it was THIS SONG.....and I was wondering if you all would miss me when I was gone :)
Anyway, I am NOT gone, and here comes my todays blog:
The last days of this round of the Designer Circle have started ladies. You have till March 22nd to get the offers there and you really should not miss out on these ones by RD Style. Each outfit comes with the boots, the stockings and the bracelets. And each outfit is just 100 L$. There are 3 to chose from.
My last find for this round at the Designer Circle is this outfit by JK Style and this lovely set is just 60 L$ including the HUD to change the capri jeans into 3 great colours and the HUD that changes the top into 5 great colours!!
Over to the Womanstuff hunt. This hunt runs till March 30th and you are looking for a red sculpted tee shirt at the participating stores. You can find a HINT & LINK page here, which is very helpful. Each hunt gift is 1 L$.
I did quite a lot of hunting in this hunt and I found quite a lot of great gifts. BIG thank you's to all designers!
I landed at #199 Prism and they have this great outfit including the booties inside their red tee shirt of this hunt! If you like it to: go hunting!!
Then I went to #153 Wicked Sin to find this great top & pants outfit inside their tee shirt of this hunt. It is a really fun outfit, so worth to hunt for! And while I was wearing this great set I tried out the poses by #76 Icons of Style. They are their gift in this hunt and you don't only get these ones, but also the mirrorred ones!
And my next find was this elegant outfit which I found at #186 Glitter (the pants and bangles) and at #183 1 Hundred (the top). So you have to go hunting at two stores to look like this ladies...
The next outfit is hidden inside the tee shirt at #170 Winterwood designs. It is a lovely short with top and perfect for summer. All you have to do to get this set is find that tee shirt!!
My last finds for today are just simply sexy. We all wear tank tops and sexy undies from time to time and if you go hunting for that red tee shirt at #167 Razor you will find this sexy pair of panties inside their Tee. Then hop over to #165 Lacuna to find their tee shirt, and the gift inside are the two lovely tank tops!