Monday, March 3, 2014

Ready for some hunting?

Morning Readers,
Come on get those hunting shoes on, get that teleport finger ready and put on those glasses....there are a few hunts you should not miss this March.
First of all the Womanstuff started. They made it the MEGAstuff hunt as the male version and the HOME version started too. You can find a HINT & LINK page here, which is very helpful! The hunt runs till March 30th.
I went to 22769, and I found this lovely dress in the red T-shirt (the hunt item for the WOMANstuff hunt). ATTENTION: the hunt prices are not free in this hunt, you will have to pay 1 L$ for each item.
The skin and shape are by WoW skins, skin Nicole darktan, cleavage option, shape Donna (which I tweaked a bit to my liking) (NOT free).
The hair is a new release by Tameless, called Evion ruby. There is streak option too with this hair. (NOT free).
The jewellery is by Lazuri and it is their Esme set (former group gift).
The lovely nails are by Allusions, Frostpack - 33 colours. 75 L$.
Then I got the newest group gift by Sascha's Designs. Joining this group is 100 L$ but you get all previous group gifts which adds up to about 70 gowns/outfits! The MARCH gown is the top one. There are extra skirts and an extra shawl for sale for just 75 L$ each so you can style the gown in any way you like.
Some more hunting...well GL shop from my friend Gaya is taking part in the Stars & Stripes hunt (find a cupcake at the store). And if you can find that cupcake, this lovely gown is yours!! (1 L$)
There is also a MALE version included, a great hoodie...which fitted me too...
GL Shop is also participating in the Hugs and Kisses hunt and in this hunt you are looking for a (small) red heart with wide spread arms. If you can locate it at Gaea's shop you will be the proud owner of this great Bear dress.
N-Core has a new group gift get these great candy striped shoes if you are in this group. Can't remember if joining was free...I joined a long time ago...
And my last find was at the Designer Circle. This round runs till March 8th and if you hop over there before that date you can find these great Outdoor shirts there by Baboom. They come in 2 colours and you can wear them with or without the belt/corset option. They can be worn as a dress, but also as a tunic on your jeans! 100 L$ per colour.