Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lots of Drama today...

Hi Readers and a special HI to the Drama Queens amongst us....
There was a lot of Drama in some of my groups in Second Life today, and when I was preparing to do my blog I just fund a lot of drama too. Seemed appropriate to put those drama items on my blog. First of all the lovely Alliance gown, which is the newest half price gown offer at Sascha's Designs. This lovely gown comes with a super hat, with an open & close umbrella and with lovely skirt options and you get the whole package for just 275 L$ this week only!
The lovely jewellery is by Zuri Rayna and it is their Equestrian Cameo set (NOT free).
I landed at CS GDW and they have 2 great Midnight Mania boards. On one you can win (fur) coats, on the other one Victorian shoes. And they have a lot of drama....very roaring 20th I think! The goal is low so get your friends over to click!
And then I clicked the Midnight Mania board at Evies Closet to win another gown that has a lot of drama...go get your friends to click ladies and it is yours. The lovely jewellery is the latest group gift by Virtual Impressions.
I found a lovely necklace to wear with your gowns, and this beauty is the hunt gift in the Wee Little Lep hunt at Freya's Finest!
And then I went to 2 other places with Lucky boards. The first one was WoW skins, they have no less than 10 Lucky boards, but they are group only! Joining the group is 300 L$ but you get a free new skin each month, you get a box with all previous group gifts and you get the chance to click their midnight mania boards and their Lucky boards. The prices change often and below is what I got, but you might find other gifts on the boards!
The last place I stopped was Mother Goose. They have so many Lucky boards that within 10 minutes I got all the skins below!! The letters change every 3 minutes.