Monday, March 31, 2014

A not so free blog

Hi there Readers,
Each day I try to put a mix of free and cheap items on my blog, but today I fear there is nothing free I can blog. I promise you however that tomorrow will be different again. Today just things you have to PAY for and I want to start with the lovely Roses dress B!asta has on offer at their store for just 60 L$. Too expensive? Maybe not if you know that 100% of this dress goes to Relay for Life. So you get a great dress and you support a very good cause!
Then I went to [[A.R.C. + F.N.]] and they have this awesome mesh AND fitmesh dress on offer for just 99 L$. You get both versions, the mesh one and the fitmesh one, in one buy, wich is a great buy ladies!
The lovely jewellery is from the EVA set by Lazuri (NOT free, but every part of this set is colour change, which gives you sooooo many options to wear it!)
My next stop was Ashmoot because they have an awesome new group gift ladies! Joining the group is free, and you should not miss this sexy lingerie set!
Another great store is the one my friend Norsk runs: Freya's Finest. You can find lovely jewellery there and this week she has a 50 L$ special, which is called Eye of Horus earrings. There is also a matching bracelet available. The bracelet is the hunt gift in the Pyramid hun, wehich also starts on APRIL 1st. You are looking for a golden pyramid and you can find info about this hunt HERE, and a HINT PAGE here.
There is also a Jelly Bean hunt going on at Freya's Finest mainstore and you have to find a red jelly beasn. You can find a HINT & LINK page here. The hunt starts on APRIL 1st!! so don't go looking for the gifts yet ladies!! But if you find the jelly bean at Freya's Finest, this lovely set is yours!
Then I went to the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till April 8th and this time I got a great outfit by Amarelo Manga. They have a sexy dress on offer, with matching sandals, matching clutch, matching jewellery and matching Tiffany watch! Each item is 100 L$
The lovely nails are by ZoZ and they are on offer at the Designer Circle for 75 L$ per pack, either gold or silver tipped.
And then I saw the very cute Tia sweater dresses by Hollyhood at the Designer Circle. There are 3 colours on offer each for 99 L$ and there are also matching Cleoparta sandals for 99 L$ each! Go get them before they are gone!