Sunday, March 16, 2014

Do I look skinny to you?

Hi Readers,
Today just skins...skins, and more skins. Oh yes and free MESH hand and feet, that too. Some skins are 1 L$ and some are more if you are not into skins, just skip my blog today :)
But if you do love skins, like I do, this HUGE blog will be Paradise for you:)
OK ok I will start...with the Skin Fair.  You can find all info about this fair HERE. This fair runs till March 30th and WoW skins is participating in this fair. Sawsan has created a lovely Yuki skin with an Asian look especially for this fair. The Yuki skin comes in 4 lovely skin tones and each skintone comes in 5 great make ups and a natural version. You can see all versions below. And you can find WoW skins on the Skin Fair here.
Then I heard somewhere that you can get free MESH hands and feet....and that turned out to be true! It is a bit complicated to get them but I am sure with my directions you will get them too ! First of all you have to teleport to The Shops and get 2 free HUDS there. You have to wear BOTH of them, the SHOP hud and the STYLE hud. Then in the white room where you are find on the wall VISIT THE MESH PROJECT. Click the sign and you will land where the free hands and feet are. Don't know for how long they will be free don't wait too long to get them. And make sure you get all 3 versions of the feet!
To adjust the hands and feet use the STYLE hud. You can change the size and the skin tone with this hud. It worked fine with the feet, but the hands...well the one skintone was too light for me, and the other one too dark..and I tried all...But the hands and feet are awesome!!
Now...over to more skins. The next skins are all gifts in the Womanstuff hunt and they are all 1 L$ per gift. This hunt runs till March 30th and you are looking for a red sculpted tee shirt in this hunt. There is a HINT & LINK page available which is very helpful!
As I am a WOW skin blogger, I will start with the beautiful Angela skin I found inside the red tee shirt at # 193 WoW skins! Just find that tee and it is yours!
And this next Aimee skin is hidden inside the red shirt at #132 London Core. You just have to find it! You get 2 versions of this skin and all make up layers.
And if you find that tee at #37 LoveMe skins, you will be the owner of this elegant skin!
Another skin store which is participating in this hunt is #6 Mist Angel Designs. They have this lovely skin and shape as a gift hidden in their tee shirt of this hunt. The make up is included.
And if you land at #133 Dulce Secrets you get a LOT of beautiful skins in different skin tones..that is if you can findt hat red tee shirt at their store!
The next lovely skin is a gift inside the red tee shirt at #136 Shine skins. Go find that tee shirt if you fancy this skin ladies!!
And if you like the next skin, you have to hop over to #103 Deluxe Body Factory. And find the red tee shirt there of course. The skin is called Emma.
If you then go to #102 Beautiful Deluxe and you can locate the tee shirt there you will get these lovely lipstick layers to wear with all your skins!
Another participant in this hunt who has a skin gift inside their tee shirt is #108 RoNa Body Beauty. You get 2 different versions of this skin if you can find the tee shirt at their store.
Then I went to #128 Story Leaf. This beautiful storybook skin is their gift in this hunt and I just love the elegant flowers and the very light skin tone!
My last find is a way different skin & shape and I found it inside the tee shirt at #194 Elysium. You don't only get the skin and shape, you also get the lovely African jewellery with this skin. The lovely hair is by EMO-tions and it is called Anita (NOT free)