Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Accesorize me....part 1.

Morning Readers!
Just get a cup of coffee and sit down please. Today is an accesorize day, I found so many cute little things that I want to share them with you!
Let me start with a beautiful skin for just 99 L$. The 76th round of the Designer Circle started and WoW skins has this beautiful Leandra skin there on offer for just 99 L$ The skin comes in 3 skin tones, there is also a shape available and all appliers are available too. Each item is 99 L$ as I already said. I am also showing you the darktan Leandra skin with my Donna shape, so you can see how it looks on a different shape too.
Then I found awesome nails by {ZOZ} at the Designer Circle. This lovely set comes in gold tipped or in silver tipped and each package with 12 colours is just 75 L$.
And then I found this awesome jewellery set by Phoebe at the Designer Circle. It is 100 L$ but it is simply so great to wear!
My next finds are all from the Womanstuff hunt. This hunt runs another 5 days till March 30th and you are looking for a red sculpted tee shirt in this hunt. Here is the HINT & LINK page which is very helpful. First I found this awesome gown at #16 Masoom. It was hidden inside that red tee shirt ladies and you can perfectly style it with your new skin or with lovely jewellery! The golden accesories I am wearing with this gown are included in the gift!
Then I  landed at #200 (the last store in this hunt) Two sisters Treasures. They have a beautiful jewellery set hidden inside their tee shirt, and you get a silver and a gold one to match all your outfits!
I found another very delicate beautiful jewellery set inside the red tee shirt at #11 Zuri Raina. You get a lovely cameo necklace and ring if you can find that tee!
And if you like this necklace better, you have to go hunt for that red shirt at #175 Rainbows's Custom jewellery!
Another great necklace is the one that is hidden inside the red tee shirt at #100 DGit jewellery. I love the colour and the stones ladies. Go find that tee and it is yours!
This great set of rings and earrings is the hunt gift at #157 Pink Cherry. It will go great with a beautiful gown, but it is also wearable with your jeans and tee shirts as it has a very modern design!
If you are not tired of finding the tees yet, hop over to #4 Mohna Lisa Couture. Their hunt gift is this great ring...you only have to find that tee!
A great set of earrings is hidden inside the tee shirt at #7 Jenny's Vintage Jewels.
If you like earrings there are more places to visit in this hunt ladies. The next set is the hunt gift at #160 Culture Fine Jewellery.
And yet another set of earrings is hidden inside the hunt tee shirt at #125 Digital Aura. You get one set with pink Pearls and one set with dark Pearls if you find that tee.
Over to a beautiful head piece which will go great with your gowns. I just fell in love with this piece, it is so well made and so elegant. You can find it inside the tee shirt at #178 Exquisite Jewellery.
If you are planning to go to a masked ball just go find the tee shirt at #28 G&T Creations. They have a perfect mask hidden inside their tee of this hunt!
And my last find for today is the fun make up which you can find at #118 Madrid Solo. You just have to locate that tee shirt ladies and it is yours!