Sunday, September 15, 2013

What a day!

Morning readers!
Happy Sunday to you all! My Sunday is almost over and it was a great day! We had some sunshine, some rain and I had the time to work on my blog today! So you don't hear me complaining. But I hear you moan: come on start with the goodies for today, what's with the chitchat?

Today I am going to show you new stuff from the Designer Circle, because their 63rd round starts at 2 PM  SLT TODAY!!!
In the Designer Circle a lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs for a very low price, nothing is over 100 L$!
But I am going to start with the  lovely hair I was wearing yesterday! Tameless has some awesome new releases and yesterday I just fell for their Deanne hair. It is some great hair, an up do and at the same time long hair, so perfect to wear with gowns but also with jeans and a tee-shirt! The hair bases are included.
You can find a DEMO of the Deanne hair HERE.
Tameless also released  Jessilyn, another great hairstyle! You can find a DEMO of this hair HERE. This long hair gives me a hippie feeling, long flowing hair.
Each of these hairs comes in 3 colour packs: Naturals with all 16 natural colours, Fades with 16 ombre and tipped colours, and Fantasy with 16 fantasy colours.  Each colour pack is $249.  The Mega Pack with all colours are $499L..
Then I went to the Designer Circle. They opened their doors for the 63rd round and boy do they have GREAT offers. As you all know I am wearing a WoW skin on my blog, the Valentina. This skin and shape are not free, but if you want to grab a really good skin by WoW skins, which is not expensive, just hop over to the Designer Circle and get the Irene skin for just 99 L$! All appliers are included! Opens at 2 PM SLT today!
MIND ME: I am wearing a FRECKLES layer ladies, which is by Glamorize. You can find the freckles layers for 5 L$ on Marketplace.
The lovely jewellery is the Saffi set by Lazuri (not free, but colour change so you can adjust it to your outfits).
WoW skins is also participating in the Second Life Fashion week. They have this great Yvonne skin there on offer (NOT free).
However if you like to get a CHEAP skin: WoW skins has a whole wall of discounted skins....for just 50 L$ each.
And WoW skins also has some awesome lucky boards. I blogged them before: you have to be in the group, and the enrolment fee is 250 L$ which is quite a lot. But you get a free new skin each month and all previous group gifts too! And you can click the lucky boards and the midnight mania boards at the WoW skins store! Below is what I got from the lucky boards, but the gifts change you might get something else. There are no less than TEN lucky boards!
Back to the Designer Circle, which opens at 2 PM SLT today! I got distracted with the WoW skins. Anyway...what did I get there? This great dress by Shine by [ZD]. It is such an elegant dress, perfect to style up with your favourite jewellery (in this case the Saffi set by Lazuri - NOT free). The dress is just 99 L$ at the Designer Circle!
I am wearing the Irene skin with this dress, the Saffi set by Lazuri (not free) and the lovely Tameless Deanne hair.
The next dresses are by Kanou and you can find them at the Designer Circle for 80 L$ each! The dresses are just lovely and the colours perfect for those last summer days, weather it is for a late evening dance or a flirt on the beach.
My last find are these GREAT poses by Frozen Poses. They have this set on offer at the Designer Circle for 90 L$ including the water bottles! Ohhh I wish all days were I could use those cool bottles all the time!
The skin is again the Irene skin by WoW skins, the cute flip flops are by N-Core and they are NOT free but I couldn't resist get flat bare feet with the flip flop option for 695 L$.