Thursday, September 26, 2013

A stroll along Marketplace

Hi readers :)
Did you get the answer on the question I posed here a few days ago? is it possible to get dressed in a nice way for 0 or 1 L$? Well let me show you my last finds on Marketplace.
Last finds for the time being of course!
I found this awesome FULL PERM and free dress by Meli Imako and there are 4 textures included with the dress. But you can also put your own textures on this dress and thus create a lovely personal dress! I am wearing sexy high heeled sandals with this dress and they are by JeTaime and they are free.
The lovely necklace is by Fairy Tail and it is called Antique Pendant key. The bow of the key is colour change and this necklace is 1 L$.
I also found a lovely free wedding gown in teal...such a lovely gift! The gown is by Dreams and Goals and it is called Emily. I am wearing the great shoes by Angel Alphaville with this gown in teal and they are also free.
A lovely necklace to wear with this gown is the Cross heart necklace by KenG Lemon. The necklace is free and what is more romantic than wearing a heart on your wedding day?
Over to CMSCo. They have this very cute dress on offer on Marketplace. It is actually called Spring dress, but it is too cute to resist for 1 L$! And the necklace is the same as above: Antique pendant key by Fairy Tail (the bow is colour change) and it is 1 L$.
Then I found another very cute dress and this one is by CandyApple and it is called Slouch dress. 1 L$ for this cutie ladies! I styled it with a lovely free necklace by June Trenkins and the necklace is called Candy necklace.
You could wear the lovely pink wedges by Shiloh Jun with this dress, they are a perfect match. And the wedges are free!
Or you could get the more darker Bardot Wedges, which are by the same designer and also free.
The next outfit is very sexy. These lovely lace dresses are by Beautiful Dirty Rich and they are called I'm your only wish. They come in a pack of 4 and they are just 1 L$! The appliers are included. I styled them with the sexy cuff set by SEY (necklace and earrings) and this set is free. Even though it says MEN, it fits me perfectly.
Over to a more tough look. This great Xandra dress, including the stockings, is by LNS Designs. It is free and it has that more Gothic look. I styled this dress with the Cross Heart necklace (see above) and with the over knee boots by R E D, which are free.
To give this outfit a bit more colour you can also go for these red boots and for example a red necklace, earrings and/or bangles. The boots are by BodyMix and they are 1 L$.
My last find for today is a more naughty one.  This outfit (without the pasties) is by FLG and it is free. I actually got it because I wanted the SHOES!!!