Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oh do I love shoes and jewellery and skins!

Morning readers!
Are you having your morning coffee while reading my blog? I just imagine you do. Today I am going to show you the newest Lucky board gifts by WoW skins, I am showing you the newest group gifts by Baby Monkey (and one lucky board gift) and some more goodies from my stroll along Marketplace to see if I could get dresses for 1 L$ or less.

So let me start with the lovely new lucky board gifts by WoW skins. Their lucky boards are GROUP Lucky boards and joining the group is 250 L$. Which is quite a lot, but do remember you get a new skin gift each month and all previous skin gifts are still available in a huge pack too. And you get the chance to win these lovely skins (one fat pack is in the lucky boards too), lip glosses, eyeliner or a lovely shape. Besides that: there are 2 Midnight Mania boards there too. Also for group members.
Then I went to Baby Monkey. They have an awesome new group gift (lovely Galena shoes), and I missed out on their previous group gift too, so I got the great Juana espadrilles too. The green wedges are from their lucky chairs.
My stroll along Marketplace was very successful. I found a lot of great goodies for 0 or 1 L$ and I managed to get dresses for a low price. Today I am going to show you a very lovely gown I found there. This gown is by Glasz Decuir and it is called TD Fog Ivory long dress. No clue why it is called Ivory as it is dark bleu or grey. Anyway: 1 L$ for this lovely gown.
I am wearing lovely silver earrings by Mimi with this dress, which are free.
And a lovely necklace by Modern Elegance, which is called Mesh free necklace (and it is free).
You could also wear the lovely Ice Crystal necklace by ZYNS with this elegant gown. Which is also free.
Or you can chose this lovely silver pearl necklace, which is by Cyllan. There is a pink ribbon on it...this necklace is free.
And earrings? Well you could get these lovely ones. They are by Amorous and they are free!