Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Be patient when standing at a lucky chair...

Hi there readers!
I was doing the Dare2Bare hunt and while I was doing that hunt I landed at D&G Fashion. They have some Midnight Mania boards, some lucky boards and a question mark board. You just need a little patience to get some great free outfits! Or TP your friends in....Below is what I got there. All outfits from the lucky boards, except for the purple little dress, that is from their question mark board. The shoes and boots are included, also the black hair and the jewellery. Except the jewellery worn with the purple dress, that is the Eda set by Lazuri (not free).
Then I hopped over to EMOtions. They have some great group gift (joining is free). Below are the latest group gifts I found there.
 The next stop was the Designer Circle. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and they have some awesome offers! This round runs till September 14th so don't wait too long to take a look there!
And what did I get there this time? Well I got some great leather spiked dresses, which are on offer at the Designer Circle by Pink Cherry. You can chose a black or a red one and each dress is 90 L$. The lovely jewellery is the Tres Chic set by Lazuri (nor free).

Pink Cherry also has some awesome clutches on offer at the Designer Circle. They come in many colours, but you can get the black, teal and pink one at the Designer Circle for just 90 L$ each. I am wearing these cute clutches with this great purple leather jacket, which is also on offer at the Designer Circle by Mu-Shi Doll. The jacket is 95 L$.
My next find at the Designer Circle are these great tops by Eyelure. They are available at the Designer Circle for 99 L$ each and they can be worn as a dress too. I am wearing the cute clutches by Pink Cherry with these tops.
And this lovely striped dress is on offer by Shine at the Designer Circle. You can get it for 99 L$.
Over to some jewellery. I just love bling and I wear it all the time. Especially if it is not expensive. And these great bracelets and earrings, which I am wearing with the striped dress above, are by Baubles. You can find them at the Designer Circle for 75 L$ each.
My last but most certainly not my least find at the Designer Circle are these lovely rose diamond bracelets by Zuri Jewelry by Zuri Rayna. They are just to die for! I am wearing them together on one arm, but you can of course also wear them one on each arm! At the Designer Circle you can grab them for 99 L$.