Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Who doesn't like group gifts?

Well I love group gifts, thats for sure! Especially if the group gifts are as nice as the one by G&N ! They have this lovely boho outfit for us all, including the lovely Uggs. (no group tag needed).
Hinako also has a new group gift at their store, this lovely hair in a pony tail. The hair pins are included.
Another store that has many group gifts is Hipnose. You get no less that 4 great gifts, though one of them is actually for guys. I don't mind, it looks great on me too!

Or if you are in  the Morea subscribo group you can pick up this great top & pants outfit at the store. You get 2 different colored tops and I styles these lovely outfits with the great boots you get as a new group gift by Baby Monkey. They are called Surrey boots.

Morea also has this lovely blouse in their Midnight Mania Board.
Over to some more hunting. the group gift of Baby Monkey reminded me of the fact that they are participating in the Finding Fabfree Hunt. Fabfree is celebrating their 5th aniversary and they are celebrating this with a GREAT hunt. You can find all hints and links on THIS PAGE, which is very helpful. And what are you looking for? A #5, which sometimes is hughe and sometimes is small. If you find that #5 at Baby Monkey you will get these great shoes!
I am wearing these lovely red shoes with the dress I found inside  the #5 at Vextra Fashion. You get this elegant sweet dress if you find the #5 too. The beautiful necklace is one of 2 you can find inside the #5 at Bliensen & MaiTai. You get a lovely pearl one and a red one, both to die for!

Another store which is participating in the FFH hunt is Clarity Creations. They have a beautiful summer dress as a gift in the Finding Fabfree hunt, so go looking for that #5 at their store ladies!! (mesh)
Clarity Creations also is participating in the AHH (August Heat hunt) and if you find a little sun at their store this great dress is yours (mesh).
I am wearing this elegant summer dress while sitting on the hunt gift in the FFH by Creative Insanity. You get a lovely floating rose in deep purper and it shatters little purple hearts too.
Over to 1Hundred. They have a lovely pink satin dress hidden inside their #5 from the FFH ...and the beautiful bracelet by U&R Dogs goed perfect with this dress! To get that bracelet with the cat you have to find the #5 there too!

The last items from the Summer Harvest Hunt are still in my inventory and I really want you to see the elegant make up that Fake has hidden inside their acorn of this hunt.
Or you could go for the make up by A.E.Meth, which is also a gift in the Summer Harvest Hunt. Just find that acorn ladies!
These great nails are the hunt gift by Synthethique. I don't like nails in Second life much, but these are GREAT! Find that acorn and they are yours!
Last one for today are the eyes and earrings by Needful things. They are perfect for fall and they are very appropriate hidden inside the acorn of the Summer Harvest hunt.