Monday, September 10, 2012

Another week, time to go hunting or get some new hair

Today I am just going to start with some of the hunt gifts I found in the Summer Harvest Hunt. You can find a hint & link page HERE, which is very helpful. You have to find an acorn in this hunt and if you do you get the most wonderful presents. Like this very cute sweater dress by Medley. The necklace is an older hunt gift by DUH!, no longer available.
This next dress is also a gift in the SHH and it is yours if you can find the acorn at GAWK. The necklace is be EyNo (was a hunt gift).
Valentina is also participating in the Summer Harvest hunt and they hid this fun dress with hat inside their acorn.
Over to Anymore. They give you this elegant shift dress if you find the acorn at their store. The great bag is the hunt gift at Gitchee, you just have to find that acorn. the cute shoes (with bare feet) are form the Midnight Mania board at Tara. And yes I do love them, that is why I blog them so much.
I blogged the Tea Time Tea bag yesterday, it is also a gift in the SHH. I am wearing it with the leggings Shipwrecked has hidden inside the ir acorn from this hunt. The cute top is by Jane and it is free. Necklace is by Mezzo (shop closed) bangles are an older gift by The Deck, no longer available.
This next skirt is also a gift in the SHH and it is by Sleeping Koala. You can find it inside the acorn at their store. The top is a freebie by Jane and the necklace is an older hunt gift by DUH!.
With the leggings or the skirt above you can ofcourse wear other shirts. Like this one which is the hunt gift inside the acorn at  Perception.
Or this shirt which you can find inside the acorn at Le Forme Tops.
I found these 2 lovely lace tops inside the acorn at Insatiable Fashion.
Over to another gift, this beautiful mesh hair is the SHH hunt gift at Alice Project. You get 4 lovely colors and you can play around with a hud to change locks colors.
I got some more hair at Alli & Ali. Alli & Ali hair change their voting gifts and their group gifts every FRIDAY, so don't wait too long to get the hair you like ladies. The voting gifts & the group gifts can be found at the Alli & Ali MAINSTORE. There is also an action wall where group member get 50% off their purchases if they wear their group tags!
The beautiful WAVE hair is also available for petites. This is what Alli & Ali write about it:
Hair with "petite" in the name is always only for petite mesh avatars.
The hair with the letter "m" before the number will only fit petites mesh male avatars.
The hair with the letter "f" or no letter before the number will only fit petites mesh female avatars.
Both will NOT fit normal avatars.
Hair was tested on the Fallen Gods Inc. Petites Elf mesh male and female avatar.
No guarantee it will fit any other.

Alli & Ali hair also have a great Marketplace store. How about shopping if you're not even logged in to Second life? They have some great free gifts there, but they are also just for a limited time. Hurry if you like them.
Wave hair 
Sarah hair.
Giana hair.
Riha hair.
Last but not least are the beautiful earings Incognito send out as a gift for all in the Fabfree group. It is a sample from their newest collection! thank you so much Karina Blaufelt.

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