Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Designer Circle and some more hunting to do PART 2

Well this blog will look very much like the one I did yesterday, as I am going to talk a bit more about the Designer Circle. I don't need to explain again what it is, just read it on my yesterday blog! One of the designers who is participating in the Designer Circle is Kennedy's. They have this great off shoulder dress at the Designer Circle (remember everything there is just 100 L$ or less!) and a cute pink leopard top, called Tina.

I am wearing the Tina top with the high waist skirt which is called Bia and which is put up at the Designer Circle by [[Masoom]]. [[Masoom]] also has a beautiful top at the Designer Circle, called Bia Inaya.

Over to Cheeky. They have these white leggings at the Designer Circle and I styled them with a lucky chair gift by Bukka and a lovely (free) top by Jane.
The next cute outfit is also available at the Designer Circle and it is called Velvet Touch. This lovely outfit is by Vero Modero ladies. The bare feet are by N-Core (not free).
My friend Sue Trallis gave me a lovely gown by [LIV-glam]. Thank you sooo much Sue!
She also tols me they have an enrollment fee for their group of 200 L$ but this is what they wrote in their notecard: The LIV-Glam group is now charging a one of fee for joining - L$200 - We will be releasing exclusive gifts each weekend for our members. So it is really worth to join. The lovely necklace I am wearing is called Queen of Hearts and it is by Lazuri (not free, but very affordable).
[LIV-Glam] however are also participating in the Designer Circle and you can get these 3 lovely ourfits there! Wow they are so much fun to wear and so beautiful ! (Bangles or shoes are not included).

Over to the Finding Fabfree hunt. I also blogged this hunt yesterday: you have to find a #5 at the participating stores and the HINT & LINK page is very helpfull if you get stuck.
I found this very elegant and sexy gown inside the #5 at Seldom Blue. WOW I love this one! I am wearing the Primalot jewelry with this gown which is also a gift in the Finding Fabfree hunt.
You could decide to get the newest group gift by Lazuri to wear with this gown. You get a beautiful set of earrings and rings. The matching necklace is for sale for group members for just 49 L$.
Back to the Finding Fabfree hunt. This next lovely gown is hidden inside the #5 at LVS. It is so elegant but I felt that it needed something, so I am wearing the necklace by Kosh with this gown, which you also can find inside that #5.
Love Cats Design has something really special as a gift in this hunt. You get this elegant outfit including the jewelry and the shoes if you can locate their #5.
I must admit I fell for this beautiful sexy outfit by Asteria Creations. It comes with the hat, the gloves and all its elegance. I am wearing the red shoes by BabyMonkey with this outfit, which is also a gift in the Finding Fabfree hunt.
To wear with these lovely gowns hop ovet ro Chop Zuey to find their #5 in this hunt. Because if you find it you get this very lovely chartreuse jewelry set.
The next dress is by Glitterati and it is their gift to us ladies in the Finding Fabfree hunt. You have to find that #5 to get it! The lovely pink shoes are by Felicity Shoes and they are their hunt gift in this hunt.
If you ike something more casual you can try and find the #5 at Purple Moon, They have this lovely pants & top outfit as a gift in the Finding Fabfree hunt!
 Or you could decide to try your luck at LW Lash Wear and go look for that #5 there. If you find it this outfit is yours (shoes not included).
The last one for today is the fun and cuddly pluchie Rivendell has as a gift in this Finding Fabfree hunt. It made me smile...and feel warm inside.