Saturday, September 22, 2012

Diamonds are a girls best friend

Today quite a lot of jewelry ladies. Let me start with Lazuri. Zuri has opened her new shop and it is amazing! You really have to take a look there ladies, it is beautiful and the jewelry is stunning. She has this lovely ring as a gift for every visitor at te store.
And these are the newest group gifts by Lazuri.
This is a freebie at the Lazuri store. The set is color change by touch.

I am crazy about the Queen of Hearts jewelry set and it is on sale for just 175 L$ which is a bargain ladies as the gems and the metal is color change! You can find it in the sale corner of Lazuri.
And I couldn't resist the beautiful jewelry sets with color change hud. Not cheap, but they are perfect with every outfit! This one is called Shahi and it is a lovely elegant pearl set. You can get the whole set, or just parts of it. The gems and pearls are colorchange, so is the metal.

Ohhh I have to throw in a few specials ladies. ChiChickie is having a SECRET sale, which means there are a lot of hairdos at the store marked down to 10 L$. You have to find the SECRET mark on the vendors to find the hair, it is totally worth it. I got this great hair there for just 10 L$. The sale is just for a short while so don't wait too long to get those great hairs for just 10 L$.
And Alehandrita Design has this GREAT shopping bag at their store as a 35 L$ special on SUNDAY, so quickly hop over to grab it it is only valid on sunday.
Sascha's Design has 2 GREAT new 60 L$ offers this week. You can wear all your lovely jewelry with these 2 great dresses ! The black & white one is called Subtlety B&W, the fun polka dotted dress is called Miss Sixty in beige.

I am wearing the lovely new group gift by Virtual Impressions with the Miss Sixty dress ladies. Goes perfectly well with this dress and the set is amazing !
Chop Zuey has a set of great earrings as a present for Fabfree members, but there is no group needed, so actually it is for everyone. Thanks Xmeisje for this tip !
Then I got the group gifts at Earthstones and they have many! Below you can see which ones are there to get if you join the group.

If you go to the Designer Circle you can get this very elegant set by Vincenca Rosca. The set is for sale for 99 L$ and the gems and the metal is color change with a hud.

These lovely Catz earrings are a gift by N@N@ in the Fabfree group. N@N@'s store is great to visit ladies, just take a look at the lovely jewelry there!
What else is new? Two Sisters Treasures has 2 great new releases which go with the lovely gowns at the Treasured Sisters Boutique.  The jewelry is so elegant! Not free though, but affordable.

Over to the Finding Fabfree hunt. You have to look for a #5 at the participating stores and you can find the HINT & LINK page here.
If you hop over to Collisions and you find the #5 there you get this great jewelry set.
And if you find the #5 at Glow Studio you get this elegant double necklace. The very nice and fun hair is the Finding Fabfree hunt at EMO-tions.