Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last post for a while.

Due to personal circumstances I will be away for about 7-8 days ladies so this is my last post till I get back. I hope you will enjoy it, I have still a lot left to blog. So this blog will be hughe but it has to last 7-8 days!
Let me start with the beautiful new October gown that Sascha's Design has for their group members. Joining the group is 50 L$ but you will get all previous free gowns back till 2008, so that is approximately 50 gowns/dresses for your 50 L$ enrolment fee. Not bad!
With the gown you can BUY some extra accesoires: the flower addition in 4 colors, a cocktail skirt, a frubbel skirt which makes you liike like a fairy tale princess and the grande flexi skirt. Each one is 75 L$. At Sascha's Design.
Sascha's Design also has 2 weekly 60 L$ offers and this week ON FRIDAY, not sooner, this great pack of 3 Shay tops is one of these 60 L$ offers. The other offer is the Cow Bronze, a top and pants set with cow print. The lovely jewelry with the tops is the Noor set by Lazuri and the Queen of Hearts set with the Cow Bronze set. The metal and gems are color change ! Not free but a GREAT set to own because it fits all your gowns or outfits. The beautiful skin is the MEI skin by WoW skins. It is a new release and it is soooo beautiful that I fell in love with it. This is the MILK tone.

Sascha's Design also has an upcoming new release, a lovely gown called Lonneke. Lovely black lace top and a satin skirt. The skirt comes in many colors. It has NOT been released yet, but in the first week after a release a few of the new gowns are marked down substantialy ! The jewelry is the Queen of Hearts set by Lazuri which is also color change and at the moment on sale for 150 L$.
Sascha's Design has released a beautiful leather jacket in 7 great colors. The jacket is called Depeche Jacket and it is simply stunning. I love to wear it. It is 199 L$ per jacket and you can customise it for 100 L$ with any text on the back you like! On mine is Roodvosje, but I bet you can think up your own catching text. I am wearing this black Depeche jacket with the lovely Miss Sixty gown, also by Sascha's Design. It is for sale for 99 L$ (was a former 60 L$ offer). Looks very much Grease don't you think? The lovely hair is from the 75 % off sale at Elikatira and it is called Rumor (66 L$ till September 30th). The skin is the MEI skin by WoW skins (new release).
Over to the newest hunts at Dirty.Little.Secret. They are participating in 3 new hunts, the Freak meets Cutie hunt, which starts on October 1st. The huntprice are these lovely pumps.
Dirty.little.secret is also participating in the Feast of all Saints hunt and that hunt also starts on October 1st. If you can find the hunt item at the store you will get these great flats.
Last hunt at Dirty.Little.Secret is the Tears of a Clown hunt and this hunt starts also on October 1st. The hunt price is this outfit, complete with mask and funny nose. And flats!
Another store that has great skins is Diamond Avatar. I have blogged them before and their skins are simply stunning. They have this new released Roxanne skin, which is a beauty! I am wearing the FAIR Roxanne with the #5 make up, but the skin comes in all skin tones and with many make up choices! There is also a shape which you can wear with the Roxanne skin (I am showing you the shape too). NEW RELEASE, so NOT free!
Diamond Avatar is also doing a Miss Diamond 2013 contest so hop over and take a look ladies !! Maybe you will be their 2013 face?
I hadn't been at M*Motion for a long time and I was surprised to see they changed their shop. They have a lovely new group gift (joining is free), a beautiful mesh dress and bikini. But they also have a few lucky boards and I got the great tops from their lucky boards.

Last one for today is is a tip from my good friend Tammie. Tammie always has the greatest finds and she shares them with me! Thank you so much Tammie! THis time she found this shop called Tizzy's and she found out they have a LOT of free stuff at the store. You have to hover over all the vendors to find the free items ladies, but it is so worth it! They vary from sexy short (mesh) dresses to beautiful gowns and from your boyfriends shirts to jazzy outfits. In a lot of cases the shoes and jewelry are included ! WOW I couldn't believe it. I am just showing you a few examples, there is much much more! At Tizzy's ladies !

HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES and come back next week :)